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Annoyed!! How could they???!!

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I am really annoyed at the way some people treat animals. And mainly youths and disrespectful kids.
I just read these things in the newspaper which made me very annoyed and a little bit sad:
A cat was shot 3 times, 1 in the ribs, 1 in the jaw- now fractured- and 1 in the leg.
A magpie died of shock after youths dyed it pink.
A horse had it's tail hacked off with an axe by youths,
And also a few weeks ago a kitten was thrown from a car on the motorway and people filmed it being run over as it couldn't get out of the way quick enough, and finally, 3 youths threw a cat over a balcony 4 times, causing it to have brain damage and being put to sleep.

Does anyone else feel like strangling whoever does this to animals? I know I certainly do!
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UGH!! I HATE people that treat animals like that. They're so mean and I wish I could do to them what they do to animals. I saw a boy the other day that kicked his dog in the face for no reason, and I was so mad. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I'm so glad my pets are safe, and I feel so bad for the ones that are treated like that, and have to go through all of that mean torture.

I could say so much more, but I know I'd get in trouble..

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Penalties for animal cruelty really should be tougher. Things like this make me ill.
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Oh yes!! I would LOVE to torture those low life excuse for human life that trear any animal like that! Just very sickening............

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I hate hearing about this kind of thing. My uncle's cat survived after being tied to a tree and shot with a BB gun when I was a kid, but some other neighborhood cats weren't so lucky. And there was a website that someone linked me to a while back, a high profile cruelty case from Japan several years ago... it was awful. I hate knowing that people can do this kind of thing to animals and either get away relatively lightly. What kind of indication is that if someone does this? If you learn that kind of disrespect for one form of life, doesn't that make it easier to work your way up to humans? I'm all in favor of harsher punishment for animal cruelty. I've seen enough of it to know how terrible it is.
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people suck plain and simple! no wonder why I am more of an animal person than a people person!
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it makes me really angry aswell. my grandfather was telling me today how two kittens were swung by their tails and had to be put down. it is terrible and makes me feel so sick when i hear and read about animal cruelty. i just don't understand how people can be so evil.
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I also get fed up when I hear about people abusing animals. I had a cat named Baby T. Someone threw her in the back of a pick-up truck in the middle of winter in Chicago. Fortunately for the cat the person whose truck she wound up in found her and took her inside his apartment. I adopted Baby T when my friend's landlord threatened to evict him for having an illegal pet. When I brought T home I noticed that she had a bad limp and one of her back legs was bright red with no fur. I took her to the vet right away and she was put on antibiotics for the infection. The limp went away over time. I also found out that someone had been kicking her around before she was abandonned. She was so tiny I though she was a kitten. I was shocked when the vet told me she was an adult cat. The vet thinks that the broken bones in her body caused her to stop growing as a kitten. I had to spoon feed her baby food just to get her to eat. This cat was actually afraid to eat.

I got Baby T in the winter of 94 and I had the pleasure of having her in my life until Nov of 2003 when she passed away. She developed a blockage and passed on while being treated at the Vet's office. Unfortunately I did not know she had quit going to the bathroom since I have 2 other cats. T was going to the litterbox which is in the basement and I had no reason to think anything was wrong with her.

I have always said that I wished I could go kick the person the kicked T around. It is horrible that someone could do something like that. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my little girl. It took me a long time to stop blaming myself for not noticing she was sick faster.
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I can't stand people like this. They should have much stricter penialties. But its hard to get the AC here to react to anything. They should be fired if they don't enforce the animal control laws especially when it involves cruelty.
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