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Jack bites me :(

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My Jack, who is about 12, has this strange habit that he didn't have with his Old Momma. He likes to sit in my lap, or next to my keyboard, while I'm on the computer. The whole time, he likes to rub on my arm, do the cheek rub thing, and purr purr purr. But every now and then he likes to give me a little nibble! It doesn't really hurt, it just startles me. I've asked his Old Momma if he did that to her, and he didnt! He only does it to me, not my boyfriend or my roomate who he also sits with on the computer.

What does this mean? Am I the favorite?
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me thinks it might be a little love nibble to remind you he's there & wants attention our kittens do this if we stop stroking them when they're on our laps...little devils...
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My old boy does this too sometimes, particularly if I stop petting him or if I'm asleep (and therefore not paying attention to him). The other day, I was napping and he bit my head! I would say that when he bites, put him on the floor. It will show him that biting does not get him what he wants.
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