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Dog pee is a good thing??? Shopping story!!!

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On Thursday night I went to my local Petsmart to get some things for my incoming 3 month old orange feral boy, Ferris. You know, so that he'll have some things that are just his, and not already scent-marked by Ginger, so he'll feel better about the new space that he'll now be sharing.

So..I spent WAY too much, but on my way in and out of the store, I couldn't help be attracted by this 4-level cat condo standing on the floor backed up against a big post. It was originally priced at $299.99 and marked down to $163.00! Hmmmmm.....we DO need a new one with the new furbaby coming in...

So I walked around it a few times, kicked the tires, popped the hood - uhm, I mean, I wiggled the perches and checked out the construction: real wood instead of that fiberboard stuff that weighs 8 million pounds, real carpet and a nice sisal-wrapped area in the front for scratching.

It is beige, has a heavy, 4" high base, three graduated perches in the middle that are offset from each other, three support posts (two in back, one in front) and a very large top that has an opening from below. It also has a couple of ropes to play with, and pretty sisal trim around the edges of the top deck. Definitely big enough for two - heck, it's big enough for five kitties!

I was VERY interested, but was already suffering from "spent too much" syndrome, so I went home to think about it. I spoke to my roomie, mused over what I'd spend on a lower quality and not as large kitty condo, and decided that if it was still there on Friday night, it was coming home with me.

Fast-forward 24 hours: It was still there. Yay! As I stepped into the store, there was a man standing right next to it - I hoped he wasn't interested. Then as I got closer, I saw that he had a small white dog on a leash, so I relaxed - it wasn't for him!

He moved away and I moved in for the kill - that condo is MINE. Before going to find a salesguy to help me take it through the register, I decided to kick the tires again. As I bent over to look at the base again, OH HORRORS!!!

There were spots of bright yellow, and I mean BRIGHT yellow pee sprinkled all over the base of the cat tree. On all three sides that were showing!!!! So THAT'S what the bad owner of the little white dog was doing standing over there when I walked in the door!!! Some people! But that's a whole other thread...

Soooo, I found a salesguy, he got some stuff called Quat to clean the pee off (did a good job, too) and when he went to get the flatbed dolly to take it out to my truck, I went to the register with the barcode tag and the tent that showed the marked down price of $163.00.

As the clerk started to ring it up, I told her about the pee, and asked if the pee was free or if they could take something off the cost just for my disgust. She made a face of disgusted sympathy, and reached for her phone, calling the manager right over.

I told him about the pee, and then he asked me if 20% off the price was good for me. Was it ever! So I wound up paying $130 for a $300 cat condo!!! Can you give me a WOOHOO!?!

I dragged that sucker into my house all by myself, putting it into my kitchen next to my fridge - it's as tall as me and nearly as heavy. Ginger's reaction was PURE JOY and she took her sweet time checking it all out, rolling over and over allllll along the top perch once she finally got to the top!

I took some NICE pictures of my camera-shy torbie, as she was far too engrossed in her new furniture to pay attention to her giddy meowmy, but I have to wait until Monday to post them - I just couldn't wait to share my shopping story with you all!!!

Stay tuned - rare, fantastic Ginger pictures to come on Monday...
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In a way it's a shame dogs can't pee up everything, then we'd all get a lower price lol
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Not often do we get to celebrate peeing in public!
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I'd be happy to loan Ike to you, for your next trip to PetsMart. He'll pee on anything, that's standing still
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Hurray for doggie pee!!

Harley & Davidson want to know if they can come play with Ginger on her new tree!
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You sure got a great deal.I can't imagine anyone though letting a dog pee on something in a store. but its lucky for you it happened!
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