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Will They Purr if They're Sick?

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Our very recently rescued kitty, Shelly, got his vaccinations and worm medication yesterday afternoon. He threw up on the way there. Vet said he'd probably be sleepy for a day. Shelly got up this morning, ate a couple bites of dry food, went to the bathroom and that's it. He's been in his bed sleeping almost constantly - 30 hours now. But if we just lay down next to him (his bed is on our bedside table to protect him from Laz, apparently establishing himself as Alpha Cat), he starts purring. He purrs if we pet him. All yesterday (until the Vet) he purred if we picked him up - today he complains-almost as if we're hurting him. But he purrs as soon as we put him back in his bed. ??? Is this just from the vaccinations? We're planning on calling the Vet in the a.m., but hubby is almost beside himself with concern....
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Yes, kitties will purr when they are in pain as well as when they are contented. Most people do not seem to realize that worming medication is poison and some cats respond badly to it. This could just be a reaction to the wormer he was given. he was more than likely stressed out on his first visit and the smells he smelled once he got there further stressed him out. Next time he goes to the vet, cover his carrier with a dark cloth to help him de-stress out.

If he has vomited he will not want to eat for awhile, so I would just see if he might drink some chicken broth for you, or lap up something like pedialyte if you have it. But don't give him anything solid for a few hours, let his tummy settle down a bit. You have to remember he is used to the wilderness not all this civilized stuff being thrown at him.
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Let us know what the vet says--hopefully everything will turn out o.k.
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