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she keeps licking me!

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One of my cats (mittens) keeps on licking me! I'm not saying I dont like that, but its going wayyy overbord, this morning she started licking my shirt and then my jeans and even my sandles! Its kind of creeping my mom out she trys to lick me all the time so my mother sees her doing so and gets grossed out! So I was wondering wether or not theres a way of stoping this.....or she'll lick me off the face of the Erth!
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Awwww, that means she REALLY LOVES you!!!

My kitty is a licker too - I'd try picking her up and putting her down away from you each time she does it, and eventually she'll figure she should stop. It can take a while, though, so please be patient with her.
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My cat, Newbie, likes to lick. He will like my arm and hand a lot when he is happy.

Once it gets to be too much, I just remove my arm and tell him 'no licking' and he usually goes on to his fur.

I've never seen a cat that likes to lick as much as he does.

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Oh, so I got to move her away when she does that. She has just finished licking my left foot and is starting at the other one....there I got her off but I feel like I hert her feelings by the way shes looking at me!
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Yes, just move her away and distract her with petting or a toy. I know what you mean about her looking like you've hurt her feelings, my cat does the same thing. She's very willing to forgive, though, if I pet her.
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Just as some cats are more vocal, some seem to need to lick more. My Ellie has always been a licker and also sucks on me if I let her, though not quite as much as she used to since I have been trying to stop her (she is two now). She also loves to groom the other cats.
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My 3 1/2 month old kitten is a real licker, he also still tries to suck my fingers which is not so much fun with all those teeth. I don't generally mind him licking, but he has a particular predeliction for eyelids which I try to discourage. If I move my face out of reach, he'll put a gentle paw on it to tell me 'no, stay there'
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They are showing affection when they do this; I'd just move away when I'd had enough.
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My cat Egore does that too. He loves to lick your hand when you are petting him. I just move my hand or move him. His tounge can get so rough that I feel like I am being rubbed with sandpaper
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My cat only licks my hair and forehead. She "cleans" me. Unfortunately she drools so it gets nasty. Also my hair's kind of longish and I don't want her ingesting it, so I don't let her.
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Izzy is the same, she likes to give me a wash I obviously cant do it up to her standards so she will give a good clean up

Trouble is she has a VERY raspy tongue and it can get quite painful !
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