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Bringing In A New Kitten

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Hello Everyone. I'm hoping all of you experienced cat owners out there can give me some advice. I currently have two neutered males about two years old. Yesterday I was offered the opportunity to adopt a six-month old kitten (sex not known at this point). Here's my question: What are the chances that my two resident cats will welcome the kitten? Or am I asking for trouble? Regards, BIP
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Well, Willie is about 6 months now...so I'm trying to think how someone would welcome a cat like him....

I think it would probably work out...if it doesn't keep the kitten in just one room when he is by himself...until he gets a little older.

Willie stays in my bedroom. He has everything there for him (although having a litterbox in your bedroom is kida gross. He can only come down when I'm down there with him.(or another family member). We did that for a while because we knew he was so small and we have 4 dogs and 1 other cat. But now, we do it because of his new disabilitys.
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Well from my experience of bringing in 3 new kitties, I always put the new one, (after getting a clean bill of health from the vet) in the livingroom in a big dog cage, plenty of room. Then this gave all the resident kits time to sniff, hiss, growl, swat, stare, everything for a couple of days. It never took more than 2 days and I could get rid of the cage.

Heck, mine still hiss when one wants to play and another one doesn't, but they are all truly the best of friends............
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