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REALLY upset

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Apologies for dumping this here, but no one else around right now who will actually understand why I'm so upset. I just saw my neighbour's dog - a hulking great thing which attacks other dogs that pass the house and is never on a lead - return home from a walk with his elderly owners, and couldn't believe what it was carrying in its mouth. A large, beautiful mackerel tabby, dead. I think - I seriously hope - that the dog being fairly elderly he found it dead, but really. What kind of people let a dog carry a cat home like that? They took it away from him and bagged it and put it in their rubbish bin. I can't bear to think of that poor cat's owners, who are never going to know what became of it. I live over the road from this animal, my garden is fenced to the nth degree to stop my four babies ever getting out of it's enclosure but Jake, my escape artist, periodically finds a new loophole in the system and breaks free. I can't bear to think of him being attacked by that thing, and I wouldn't be responsible for what I'd do if he was. Unfortunately in this country the police don't do a thing about dogs which attack cats.
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OMG!!! thats horrible!!! do they not have leash laws where you live? could you possibly report them and tell the authorities about the cat in their rubbish can??
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I'm really sorry you had to see that i hate seeing a cat who's been killed, no matter what the circumstances..but to see a dog carrying a dead cat? that's horrible, and i'd be upset too.

can i ask what country you live in? The police really wouldn't do anything if you called?
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Oh no, that's awful.....I just don't understand people..........
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I'm sorry you had to see something so horrible and upsetting.
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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
I'm sorry you had to see something so horrible and upsetting.
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I'm so sorry you had to see that.

Rest in peace beautiful tabby, play in happiness and health at the bridge.
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Thank you, it's a real relief to be able to tell people who understand why this is so terrible. I live in the UK and from the ringing around I did this morning the owners of the cat would only be able to claim compensation via the magistrates court if they could prove the dog killed the cat. Under the dangerous dogs act the police have no powers until the dog does serious damage to a person. I rang the local vets and the RSPCA who have logged the cat's description and the area and what's happened so if the owners think to ring them at least the information is there for them. I don't think there's anything worse than forever not knowing. I still keep crying
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What a terrible thing to see!!
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awr, poor little kitty! and poor you for having to see the poor thing
Some people just don't care about what their dogs do. Other, more kind people would put their dog on a lead for a start.
The dog probably found the cat dead already, as cat's are fairly smarter than dogs, (unless they aren't afraid of them) and they tend to run away as soon as they can see one.
I feel sorry for the owners of the cat. It'd be like Tab running off and never being found. OMG I am starting to cry just thinking about it!
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Aww, that's really sad! I'd be really upset too, if I saw something like that.
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Sorry you had to see such an awful sight.

I suppose it's out of the question to ask them about it? Something like... I saw your dog carrying a cat the other day when you returned from your walk and I was wondering what happened. As the others have said, he probably found the kitty and some people (not us) might actually think they're doing a good thing by taking it off the road. If they tell you the circumstances of where and how they found the tabby, you might be able to notify the owner.

If you are able to approach them and do so in a concerned, not accusatory manner, they may be able to put your mind at least about your kitties. Just a thought.
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im so sorry you seenthat i no how you feel i went through something the same a few weeks back and i still carnt get it out my head a dog got hold of a cat and would not let it go the ownwer could not get him to put the cat down after a lot of screaming at the dogs owner in the end he managed to get the dog to drop the poor cat i put a hot water bottel warming the cat this happend at 11.30 at night i stayed with the cat till 2.0clock till the rspca came sadley the cat died on the way back with the rspca im still so heartbroken over the cat
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IMO:a cat is not a dogs chew toy.

that's horrible! Sorry you had to see that!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Oh no, that's awful.....I just don't understand people..........
.... some pleople doesn´t deserves you call it HUMANS!........the dog owners should to take care of their pets!
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IMO what you saw was quite possibly the worst sight in the world. I'm sorry you had to see it If I were you, I would just walk right over to their house and give them a piece of my mind . The least that they could do is put the dog on a leash and get it some obedience training.
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That poor kitty. I'm soo sorry to hear that! I applaud you for calling around and trying to take the proper course of action. I hope your night gets better. I'm soo sorry to hear of what happened to that cat. It makes me soo sad
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I think the dog's owners should have to put up posters and find the cat's owner (if it had one) and explain what happenned.
I can't believe you had to see something like that \t
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How awful. I am so sorry you saw that. I just can't imagine, I think I would have had to throw up after seeing something like that.
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That is such a horriblke story!

It must have been orrible to watch! I to think that you knew the cat!!!

Oh My Gosh!! I'm tearing picturing Willie in that position.
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Mcloughlin, i just read your story as well, that must have been the most horrible moment!

Alright I have to stop or im gonna start crying again.
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That is soo terrible, even seeing something like that and I'd be a complete emotional mess, that poor kitty. I have two kitties of my own and if either one of them somehow got out and I never saw it again, I'd be completely and utterly heartbroken.

Our kitties are members of our family, and especially with me, give me calm and love when I need it by using warm kitty cuddles and soft kitty purrs.
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If I saw something like that I'd have snapped! I can't believe that noone said anything to them! To bad you can't (anonymously of course) put up posters with pictures resembling that cat on their door and around the neighborhood just to see what they do.
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You could post anoymous fliers in the neighborhood saying "Danger!!! Dog attacks house cats!!!"
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OMG that's hideous. You poor thing, having to see that.
Rest in peace beautiful tabby, I hope you are in a much happier place now.
Is there really nothing in the UK to protect cats from dangerous dogs? I'm really shocked. I'll ask my mum, she's just finished her law degree. That is so hideous, I can't believe that old couple just let their dog carry the cat around - there must be something wrong with them. If I were you I'd try to find out what happened.
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