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Worried about cords

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We have our kittens kept in a large but very neutral place in our home so far. But, we're apprehensive about introducing them to the home since there are electricity cords in a few places. We're extraordinarily clean people, but one cannot avoid cords behind tv/vcr/dvd/soundsystem. And cats love to play with things, biting is expected.

Now, for a while we were considering the gently spray with water when kitten is nibbling on object in question, but this article persuaded me to think 2ce.

Now, they're about 5 weeks old, and we do not plan on letting them live in the rest of the appartmnt for another week and a half. But when we do, we wish to retan the safety of our cats and surrounding appliances/etc.

Thank you in advance for advice.
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You can buy plastic covers for the cords. They look like fat spiralled phone cords, but are slit along one side and can hold 5+ regular sized wires at one time - and were enough of a deterrent that my beaver-toothed rabbit couldn't get a proper grip on them.
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Yes try the cord covers, or if you can, put a type of blockade around that area. after a month or two the kittens should not bite wires, and won't even think of them. I would bring them out and monitor them in that area to get the used to the new place and then put them back when you are done.
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i too was going to use the squirt method,if we encounterd problem behaviour,but after reading that article,i need to totally re-think,fasinating.
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Coat the cables with something that tastes bad (but non toxic of course) - I have heard that bitter apple spray is good but haven't been able to find any, although vinegar seems to do the trick. Make sure the power is turned off before doing this, for your own safety!

We only did the power cables as our main concern was for safety, and Radar has gone through 2 telephone cables and the tv aerial cable - they will certainly chew them if given the opportunity, dangly cables are just too much temptation for a young cat!
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I've gathered up cords behind the tv/vcr area and covered them with a pillow case which is duct taped at the top. My cat's never shown any interest in them since.
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