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Ok, so it's Friday night, and about 11:30 my sister comes busting in here "There's a dog outside". I go out, and lo and behold there's a dog. Same scenario as last time, young, looks like a pit, but female, and mostly white, and has a collar. Oh look, the colllar as the rabies tag, the name of the dog, "Mack" and a phone number. So, we call. A young female answered and we asked if she lost her dog, described the dog, and she said -I gave a dog named "Max" to my brother, that's not my dog, let me call him-. She calls him, we call her back, and she said no, my brother said his dog is at his house. We asked if she was sure and she said yes, and it didn't sound like her dog, and we told her where we lived and she said she lives nowhere near us, and just hung up. So, of course, based on last time a dog happened into our yard, I didn't want to call animal control. This little girl was a puppy, I'm talking 6 months at most. Very well fed, nails clipped, since she is was still visibly white, just overall a very well cared for little puppy, and very energetic. Gave her some water, and called my brother, and they have a kennel that is plenty big enough for her, and so they said they would keep her until tomorrow when I go asking around if anyone has lost their dog. What should I do if nothing comes of this. I really feel that whoever's phone number we called, they dumped that little girl, but, at this point, isn't this a case of animal cruelty since I think abandonment is considered a form of cruelty? Sorry this is so long but this can't keep happening. It tears my heart up and I'm not sure what I can do, or what I should do.
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Call a breed rescue please.

If someone is stealing the tags from other dogs, and putting them on their puppy, something isn't right and I certainly would not return her.
Get her in breed rescue, let them decide her future.
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I was emailing when you sent that actually. I'm working on borrowed time though. I have about a 48 hour window, so, let's see some finger's and toes crossed.
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What happened to the little puppy???
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The puppy who I wanted to name Misha, but her name has been changed to Whoa (I'll explain in a moment) is currently being ... I guess you could say fostered at my brother's. I've been in contact with people everyday it seems like to try and find her a home, or another foster, but it seems that my brother and his soon to be wife have really taken to her and have given thought to allowing her to stay and be theirs. If we could just get her house-broken, things would be wonderful. As for now, she is happy and safe with them, and that's all I can hope for. I'm just glad I was able to get her somewhere safe.

Her name is whoa because she likes to jump... and her aim is awful. She loves my brother to death, and when she gets excited, she jumps up, and she's just tall enough that when she does, she lands right in his crotch, so they say "WHOA!" and that's what they want to call her, lol
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She sounds like a great pup! Best of luck to you, your brother, and Whoa! I hope someone from the rescues will get back to you, or things will work out with at your brother's. It sounds like no one bothered to potty train her early. She should pick it up with lots of positive reinforcement and some good timing on your brother's family.

Thank you and your family for your kindness. It's said that pit bulls are often the most abused breed of dog because of the illegal activities people enage in with them. It's a wonderful thing when good-hearted people rescue/foster/adopt them and save them from the clutches of evil people and death. My hat's off to you guys!
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Oh hun, you're so great. Thanks for everything. I'm still considering giving her to a foster home, but as time wears on, she is more than likely in her new home. You've already heard everything else in the last IM. I'll post pics, or send you pics as soon as I get them since I see her every other day it seems like. Thanks again for everything.
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