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Cats don't get along with others!!!

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I need help!! I have two cats--Smokey and Oreo, they were litter mates and are about 3 years old. They follow me everywhere are for the most part are typical cats--around me. Everyone else tells me that I have really strange cats!! Even other cat owners say this to me sometimes! My cats seem to HATE everyone else! I used to think it was just people they were not used to being around, but my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 months and he spends a lot of time here and the cats are still very mean to him! He tries to be nice to them and he will even feed them and play with them, but then it seems for no reason they just attack him. He has gotten so tired of this that he doesn't even want to be around them--seeing how they have been toward him--I can't say I blame him!! Smokey is a lot worse with this than Oreo--Oreo is pretty nice most of the time. How can I help my cats so that everyone does not think they are the cats from H*LL??? I couldn't bear to get rid of them--they are my babies, but it is almost coming to the point where I have to chose my cats or my friends!!!! PLEASE HELP OR LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE CATS LIKE THIS TOO. Thanks
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My sister had a similar experience. The cats did not like her boyfriend. Well, he eventually became her husband, and the cats avoided him like the plague. The only suggestion I have is to let him feed the cats. Cats seem to appreciate the food source. If he becomes the food source, they may be more likely to tolerate him. I hope you find something that works. No one wants to have to choose anything over their kitties, right?
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kitty, Thankyou for your advice. I will try that, he has only fed them once so far. He is so fed up with them, I'm not sure if he will even want to feed them anymore! I know nothing will work if he is not willing to try though. Thanks again.
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Anne, thanks, if nothing else, that thread was comforting!
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Buddy, didn't like me. We have bonded, thanks to the help I recieved here. NOw buddy has agressive behaviour to others.
First it was the cleaning lady, he clung to her leg while she vacummed.
Second, My friend was over the other day adn he hissed and growled at her on 2 occassions.
Third, The cable guy comes today, my husband said buddy freaked out when he saw the red van pull up. Then he ran around the house, got up on a bed and hisssed and growled and his eyes were wide open.
Now.....tonight my mom comes in walks by buddy (he wasn't sleeping)he saw her coming and hissed and beared his teeth.
My cleaning lady calls and says he attacked her another 5 times...Buddy spends time in the basement on cleaning lady days now....He is just protecting us I believe
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