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Cat Noises

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People say cats have a huge vocabulary... I say, especially DASH! He makes so many noises with so many tones, I can't wait till I know what they mean, because then I will know what he is thinking. He is SUPER vocal. I was wondering what unique noises all of your cats make, what do they mean?

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What kind of cat do you have, by the way? My book on cat breeds describes cats that are extremely vocal down to cats that hardly ever speak at all. According to KITTENS FOR DUMMIES the most vocal cats are: Burmese, Rex, Egyptian Mau, and the grandaddy of the chatty, Siamese. My cat, a Persian, is listed as not chatty at all. There are always exceptions to every rule, of course.
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I can let you know that an Egyptian Mau is very talkitave. We have over 50 in our shelter at EMRO and it is very noisy. Can you post a pic of your cat so I can see him/her?
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There definitely are exceptions - we have 2 very quiet Siamese.
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For some reason when Saki gets out of the litterbox he feels the needs to announce that he just went with a big fat 'YYEEEOOOWWW OOWWWWW!! BRRRR YEEOOW!!!' and then he does about 50mph through the living room
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My Zuzu does the same thing. When she gets done she talks and talks all the time untill we pet her or (her fav.) give her food LOL.
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Teddy has a high pitched little meow. We think he's kind of feminine when he talks.

PJ is a whole different story. She screams. She yells. She squeals. She squawks. She talks all the time. She announces herself when she (or anyone else) arrives in a room. She yells before she gets into bed. She yells when she jumps on the coffee table.

I think it's her massive tortitude showing. I'll worry when she stops talking... which I can't imagine. It's great.
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Both of my boys are very talkative, too. My ten year old dsh, Trixter (he has moo-cow patterned fur) has different sounding "words" for everything. When he is excited and playful he will do like a "prrrrrrrurrrrrow" thing, or if he is surprised or wanting something he has a VERY loud "MRRRROWWW!" with his deep little voice. lol When he has an upset tummy and gets sick he has this horrible, pitiful sounding meow before he throws up. It sounds like "muloddleloddleloddle" LOL, my poor baby.

My 2 year old Siamese mix talks constantly, too. Lots of purr sounding meows and high pitched vocalizing from him. He loves to play fetch, so he will drag a toy out of one of their toyboxes and bring it to you, all the while saying "rarrrrrrrrrrthhhhhowwww" or something to that effect. lol

I love their talking. Its precious. When I walk down the hall at night in the dark, Trixter will walk in front of me and talk the whole time, like he's leading me lol

And you should hear them when its time for food! lol, you'd think these boys are starving! Then I tell them "sit" and they both sit for their meals. Cats are so incredibly smart!

With Love,
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Gizmo will walk up to guests and actually 'talk' to them. She appears to be phrasing distinct words and sentences but they are of course 'murrps' 'row' and other cat sounds.
A visitor from Africa looked at her in astonishment as the kitty walked up and started a conversation with her. "A talking cat!"
Sometimes Gizmo will give me a running 'prattle' of her day's activities when I come home from work.

I have identified a sound of annoyance. 'MEH!' This short 'bark' of a meow means "I am annoyed that you were away for two days and left me with the neighbours."

Gizmo is just a moo cow patterned moggie, nothing special, but she is highly intelligent. I do wish I could understand more of her 'talk' but she definitely is communicating.
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
For some reason when Saki gets out of the litterbox he feels the needs to announce that he just went with a big fat 'YYEEEOOOWWW OOWWWWW!! BRRRR YEEOOW!!!' and then he does about 50mph through the living room
My boyfriend does the same thing! Kind of embarrased now!
Maia gives a chirp when she gets frustrated playing with a toy, and almost always answers my "running off at the mouth".
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My kitten makes all kinds of weird noises too, not even sounds more like a squeek.Lol...he's a russian blue/tabby mix we think....he was abandoned.
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Much (according to my husband) didn't meow a lot before Petunia and I moved in. Then both cats became more vocal. Now Much almost howls when she is dragging some of our clothing around the house/

Lucy can have these little pathetic mews when she doesn't get her way.

Carly is our talker. When we are the the kitchen, it is MEOW MEOW MEOW. She says hello when you walk in the room with a meOW. She has berah sound sometimes. And then she bleats like a sheep with a baa sound except hers is more of a maaaa.
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