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Skin bumps, missing fur

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I just noticed something on Mooch tonight. On the inner side of both of her back legs she is missing some fur, almost directly across from each other. In the spots she has a few pinkish bumps. The kind of feel like they are scabbed or rough. Since then I have noticed her grooming that area more often. When I tried to get pics I found a third spot where her leg meets her body. In one of them the bumps are almost in a circle. I was having a hard time looking because she was squirming and she thinks the flashlight is a toy.

Any ideas what that might be? Or ideas on how I can get pics....DH is zonked out and works tomorrow so I may be on my own. I'm not sure how good the ones I took came out. The flash on this camera tends to be too strong and so far on the cam the missing fur spots just look white. I still need to upload them to the comp. I'm just concerned about my baby.
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Do cats get exczema? It sounds like when I get it. Tigger has missing fur, but it's from over grooming...sorry I'm not more help...
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I'm going to post the pics I took even though they aren't very clear. I'll have to try to get some better ones tomorrow. I'm doing clickable thumbnails again since they seem to be kinda large. Like I thought, the flash made some of the missing fur nothing but white, but if you look where the fur is kinda thin you can see some of the bumps.

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That last photo showed it the best. I'm doing some research - I've never seen anything like it...??? But check out this link...
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Thanks for looking up that info. I read a bit last night and I'm going to do more now too.

DH just helped me get these pics. I think they are a tad better. The bumps seem less raised and bit more scabbed. As you can see, she wasn't too happy to be held like that, but she forgave him!

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It seems to me it might be bites of some kind. What are you thinking?
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I have read that if cat developes an allergy to something, they start to break out on their legs and belly ..... and the hair missing is from the kitty trying to scratch an itch, pulling the hair out to get to it. But Im sure the vet could tell you and do allergy testing.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
It seems to me it might be bites of some kind. What are you thinking?
She and Noodles have been really gettin each other lately. The other day they were wrestling and I litterally had tuffts of fur all over the livingroom. That seems kind of an odd spot for the fur to have come from. I'm kind of thinking bug bites of some kind. I havn't noticed fleas and I'm checking her coat and her sleeping places. Plus I just did a major cleaning of the whole house. but then I was bit by a spider a few weeks ago myself. Could it maybe a stress thing? I did just get a treadmill and they take off when I start it up. Other than that, nothing has really changed.

My mom suggested diluting some anticeptic and cleaning it a bit or maybe putting a small bit of neosporin on it. My concern is that she'll lick that off and that can't be good for her. For now I'm just keeping a good eye on it and discouraging her from grooming at it too much.
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Cats show stress in so many different ways. Im not sure if the bumps would be caused by stress. If you decide to put Neosporin do not put the kind that has pain relief added to it .... not sure why..... thats what my vet told me.
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