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Thank You!!!!!!

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Hello, Thank you to everyone who made me feel better. Nippie went to the Vet today and we got some medicine. So we will see if that works. I also went out and bought a new litter box. I will keep you all posted... I would send you all a picutre, but I'm having problems because the forum says that my picture is too big so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Thanks to all....
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That is great Nippie will be ok! As for pictures go, resize them so they are under 30k..... If you want, you can send them to tiggerof100acrewoods@cox.net and I'll post them for you!
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Hope you pet is ok.

And plz read my 2 post here and plz reply.
Thank you.
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I'm glad Nippie is doing better. Check out the "Your Computer Questions Answered" sticky at the top. Posting pictures is a nemesis for many people.
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I hope Nippie is feeling better!
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