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Terrified Unsocial Cat

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I have a cat - siamese and himalayan mix - who is very traumatized when there is more than one person around. First there was just me, now I am married and she hides away. How can I train her to be not terrified when we are both at home ? She stayed with my mother-in law for a while and was fine - until I came to get her, then was terrified of me - it seemed. I have never been harsh with her in any way. I feel so sorry for her. She is so beautiful, and a playful cat when alone with me. Would appreciate any advice that would encourage her to not be so fearful.
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How long has she been so terrified? Was there a specific event that you can remember right before her behaviour changed to this fraidy cat? How old is she? And how long have you had her in your new home? Any information you can add to this will help us help you.
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Thanks for your response.

Jewel is 6 years old now. As a kitten she was adopted by another mother cat who was nursing kittens a week or so younger than her. She barely had her eyes open at the time. I still have the mother.

Jewel herself lived with my mother-in-law for awhile. She stayed with her while we were away and we could not find her when we returned, so ended up leaving her with her. She loved Jewel dearly, but is now in hospital - prognosis uncertain (is 88) So consequently, Jewel is back with us. Her and her 'adoptee mother' are not getting along either now, to complicate the issue.

The only trauma I can think of, other than her being adopted is the plane trip here. I moved to NS and she was flown along with her new mom when she was about 6 months old. She was still suckling at the time. She was nervous and fearful from the time she arrived. When my (now) husband came to visit on the weekends she would hide away but yowl often during the night.

Last night I took her upstairs and brushed her on the couch beside him. He patted her too. She wanted to leave, but when I finally let her go actually hung around for a short while. Perhaps if I keep doing that?? She spends her time mostly under the bed in the spare room downstairs.

Any help or suggestions?

Much appreciated,
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Thanks for filling in the missing blanks. As far as her being traumatized, she has gone through a lot of changes in her short life and some cats are not that adaptable to changes. If she were mine, I would set a routine for her. I would ask hubby if he would mind being in charge of feeding her. I would make sure the feedings happened everyday at the same time, so she will get used to seeing him and know he was bringing her good things. I would try and let this kitty know that her life will be one way and keep it on track until she relaxes and realizes that you can be trusted again. She is assuming that any day now her world will once again be over-turned and she will be in a new setting with more stuff to deal with. Good luck!
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