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Is anyone bothered by all the movies and tv shows that seem to be poping up bout it. Then I saw this

I just don't understand why anyone would want to relive that horrible day. What do you think?
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I dont want to relive that day ....
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Me either!
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Not relive but, REMEMBER. I don't see these movies as any different from movies about WWII, the Civil War, Apollo 13 or the Titanic. Historic events will always be the subject of movies.
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Most of what I've seen so far released are more memorials to those who were heroic. And to remind ourselves of what happened. The realization that people have forgotten those who were lost is almost as painful as losing them again.

But given that, I'm still not ready to see it again.
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I can't watch them. It's still too personal. I deffinatley think we should remember, but I just can't watch those.

I agree with what was said about it being a historic event being made into a movie like WWII, etc, but it just seems too soon. I guess I think the wounds are too fresh.
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I can only speak for myself when I say I don't really want to watch any of the 9/11 movies just yet. I work within a stones throw of the White House and I still remember that day vividly. My coworkers and I kept looking at the sky when we heard the news that a fourth plane was still missing. Of waiting to see it diving by. You couldn't really get out of the city the tension was unbelievable. Of being ashamed at the sense of relief when we heard it crashed in Pennsylvania and was not going to hit DC. Not because we were proud of the passengers bravery but because we were out of harms way. I still get a lump in my throat when I walk down the city street and an emergency vehicle goes by with the all to familiar whoop of it sirens echoing up the buildings. This is actually the first time I have written honestly about this. I normally just block it out and go on.

My husband on the other hand does want to see the movies. I think he want to try to make some sense out of the senseless. He wants to see some glimmer of hope and good of that day. This I understand. I told him I would watch it with him but not in the theatre. I will do it at home on DVD and if it is too much from me we can just turn it off.

We have all reacted differently to 9/11. While I might not want to see any of the shows or movies other people do. I think it is time. The people that want to see them can, those who don't or can't do not have too.

I am just still so saddened by it all.

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I'm not sure if I'm up to seeing any of these movies and, if I DO, its going to have to be with someone supportive. There aren't many things, that break me up, these days but, 9/11 does.
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9/11 isn't history yet, though. 50 years from now... I can see the movies being made. It's only been nearly 5.

And I suppose movies are a way to grieve nationally, but considering we are STILL AT WAR I don't think we should need any help, and I don't think that we need any more distractions from what's going on around us. Remembering 9/11 is great, but realizing what exactly has happened to our country since then, and the world, would be much more productive and helpful. Too bad nobody sees the dollar signs in a movie like that.

Needless to say, I won't be going to see a single one of these movies for a few decades. Paying Hollywood to sensationalize and make it into a good story (which it's not) doesn't seem like and appropriate tribute to me.
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