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Kitten just vommitted

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Ok, here it goes. I was looking at my kitten because it kept doing a sad meow so it used the bathroom. Then it dashed off quickly then it got isolatd and it looked like it wanted to cough something up, I thought..hey, maybe this is his first hairball. I put him in his litter box and before I know it he throws up. I think its vomit anyways. It was lumpy and gross looking. orange-yellow. Is this natural? Sorry for the description. That was not for the queasy stomachs. I hope he is ok. I'm just glad I caught him in the act because I do not want to clean that up from my carpet.

Now he's just laying down and taking a nap. hope he's ok
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My kitten does the same thing, hes about 3 months old, and usually does it at night a few hours after dinner, although he has started doing it other times of the day... I think it is only once a day...
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While I don't think it's normal, I'd certainly keep an eye on the little one and if necessary, take it to the vet. Did it look like unchewed dry food morsels?

My cat used to vomit all the time! Come to find out, her food was giving her gas. Once we changed the food, her thowing up stopped.

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I have 5 kittens.They were rescued in May. They are almost 4 months old. Only one has vomited so far and it was because he ate something he shouldn't have. After he got rid of it, he was fine. Maybe the same thing happened to Armani.
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