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We Rescued Another One

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We rescued Lazlo's brother (feral kitties). This was the one he used to hang out with the most. Lazlo's been here a little over a week. We named the new addition Sheldon (Shelly). Shelly purrs at the drop of a hat, and is extremely docile. Lazlo has enormous amounts of energy, and he is extremely aggressive towards Shelly. There was hissing arched backs when we first brought Shelly in, and we separated them. When up in the woods, these two were close, and slept and played together a lot. But now Laz plays really rough. And if Shelly is eating from one bowl, then that's the bowl Laz wants. If Shelly's in his bed, then that's where Laz wants to sleep - after chasing Shelly out. They do play together, and Shelly doesn't seem to mind too much. I've only heard growling once, and separated them, but I'm afraid to leave them alone, and I can't stay cooped up in here. We live an a recreational vehicle (210 sq. ft). Is this too small? Should we find them a home together? Should we find them separate homes? I want to keep them - but I can't tell if they like each other. I thought we were doing a good thing, but I'm scared Laz will hurt Shelly. ???
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You keep this up and you are going to need a bigger motor home! What Laz is doing is typical behaviour for feral kitties. He is going to be Alpha Cat and he wants Shelly to know that HE was there first so it is his way or the highway.

Feed them seperately, Laz on one end of the motor home near you and Shelly on the other end (when you are feeding choice food) not just dry kibble. Play with each kitten one-on-on for about 10 minutes a day but always play with Laz first because that will tell him he is special and he will eventually slack off of Shelly. You go girl! You are saving them all!
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LDG - remember too that Laz thinks that Shelly smells differently now! He has become a house kitty and she still smells like the great outdoors to him. Take time - Hissy is our expert here, and her advice is always right.

I am soooooooo proud of you for taking on yet another kitty to work with!
How many more to go now?
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Yeah! Their play looks so rough - but I guess they're little boys!

The feral family comes and goes. There were originally six, but that turned into five really quickly. When the family came back after we though Laz had been abandoned, there were only three left. The next time they came back, there were only three, but the one we thought had something happen to it was there (Shelly), and a different one was missing. Shelly got left behind, so we kept him too. Then when they came back, instead of just the two, the one we'd thought was missing before was there! So three left to go.

We just today found someone we know pretty well who wants two of them. The Vet left a message today that they'd found the humane trap, so we should be able to catch Mom too, and get her spayed. We also found a no-kill shelter, so until we find a home for the last one, at least we won't have to keep it here. I love my two kitties, but I think I'm really pushing the limit on the space!
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Just make sure that this no kill shelter will accept ferals. Some don't and if they find out they have wild ones in their group, they contact a kill shelter who then sends someone over to pick up the poor feral to be euthanized at the other facility! So make sure of the policy before you show up. Good luck with trapping!
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Thanks for the warning. We'll make sure to call - it never would have occurred to me that could happen. How terrible.
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Hissy - we took your advice. And Debra - you were right, too! It just needed us people to know what was going on mixed with a little time. We now feed Laz first, we play with him first (although we actually play with them for hours a day, not minutes!) - when we want snuggles, I pick Laz up first - and everybody's happy. They play real rough at times, but now it is clearly play and not vicious attacks. They often sleep together all tangled up, and Laz has taken to giving Shelly baths! I know we have a small home (although we have LOTS of 3D places to explore), but keeping Shelly, too, was the right thing to do! THANKS CAT SITE and everyone who has helped out. Shelly and Laz (and Laurie and Gary) thank you all!!!!
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So glad it has worked out for everyone!
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It sure is working out for the four of us. Feral family still comes and goes, but we've continued to feed them when they're here (there are a lot of fox/skunks/rabbits/groundhogs, etc. around here, so we don't want to leave unattended food). I can now touch all of them but Mom, and we should be able to "trap" them with food when we finally catch mom in the humane trap. We've found a home for the other grey/orange and black & white (like the two we have), but I don't know what we'll do with the huge orange & white one. We've talked with the Vet and if we can trap them tomorrow he'll take care of them all, and the orange & white can board with Mom while she recovers from being spayed and while we find him (or her) a home.

Should we try to find Mom a home or release her back into the wild? She really does not like people and still does not trust us at all, despite our feeding the family for almost 2 months now. If we had a house, I'd let her become and indoor/outdoor cat if she wanted, but that's not an option for us.
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