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Bush's tax reforms are designed to benefit two-income families with a combined income of about $70,000 to $100,000......I don't know if people consider those people to be rich. You can barely live on $100,000 a year in the coastal areas, especially if you need to send more than two kids to college.
This explains why my family and most people I know will never see the benefit. We'll never see $70,000 in a year. That's pushing rich where I live. That'st he problem. You can't set a dollar amount to sweep the whole conutry, and say that's the limit, or middle class, or where help is needed. In some parts of this country, $70K is nearly poverty. In others, it's rich! Cost of living is cheap here, apartments (nice ones) go for $350 a month. But the average factory worker is lucky to bring home that much in a week. I worked in factories around here 6 or 7 years ago, and was only bringing home $277 a week. It's gone up since then, but not by much.

I'd like to see who the healthcare reforms are helping, as well, because I still don't qualify for any kind of help. They (the government) would rather see me go to the emergency room and not be able to pay for it, then to help me out a little. Or lay on the floor and die. Haven't decided which yet. We seem to fall in the category of "well off enough to not qualify, but not well off enough to actually be able to pay for healthcare."

As far as Bush goes, not only did I not vote for him, I voted AGAINST him. I'm not sure Kerry would have done a much better job (I really didn't like him and I hope like heck John Edwards gets the nomination in '08) but I'd sleep better at night knowing he wasn't plotting another war. And when gas prices top $3 a gallon and the President with his hands in the oil money says "Drive less," well any shred of respect I may have still had for him was GONE at that point. I don't have much respect for someone when my gas bill JUST to drive to work has doubled, to $40 a week, and he says Drive less. I was only driving to work and hitting the grocery store on my way home, how much less could I drive?

Also, it's been reported (not sure the validity of it but it bears mentioning) that people in other countries, especially thier leaders, feel that Bush is an idiot, not educated, etc. I know he's educated, but he doesn't sound like it. I don't know how you can manage to sound so poorly educated when you have an education and a professional speech writer, but somehow he does it. I don't feel comforted at all when he speaks about global issues, the wars, etc. Because I don't trust him and I don't feel that he knows what he's doing.

I fully stand behind the description of "miserable failure" on this one.
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Bush is the leader of this country. He could not possibly have prevented the revolution against the oil tycoons in Russia, Venezuela, and Bolivia. He could not have forseen the strikes in numerous oil fields in numerous nations, the breakage of numerous refinining factories and pipe lines, the terriorist activities, the demand in Asia, or the seismatic and climatic activties that resulted the less yield of oil.

You can blame almost anything on Bush. Unfortunately oil prices is not one of the things that can be blamed on Bush. It was simply a matter of supply and demand. Less supply + more demand equals higher prices. When I came to the U.S. in 1997 I rarely see SUVs. Now I see them everywhre. SUVs practically double the demand, while a serious of very unfortunate events practically diminished supply.

There are still millions of barrels of crude oil circulating the earth in ships after being sent by the Prince of Saudi Arabia for refinery, but they are not being refined. No country in this world has enough refinery capacity.

I was upset that Bush did not release the National Reserve to reduce prices, but I could understand why he didn't. The country still had a chance of being attacked. There still could possibly be a hurricane. Releasing all of the National Reserve would be irresponsible and dangerous.
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Didn't Bush graduate from Yale with honors?

Not everything in this world is Bush's fault.

He increased spending for education 40% and it didn't do diddley.
Sometimes throwing money at something is not the answer.

What did JFK say, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can YOU do for your country"
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