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anyone make their own cat tree

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I wanna make Mikey and Peanut a Cat Tree/scratching post.
I want it to be about 5 feet tall with two "caves" and three posts to climb/scratch on.

anyone construct their own?
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I have not started that yet, but do have an idea for it. If I get mine going I will let you know and would appreciate you letting me know if you have any brilliant ideas about how to get started. I keep looking at the ones in the store and it really looks easy.

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I'm not sure exactly what you have in mind, but my experience has been this...

Really cheap carpet is easiest to work with, but falls apart quickly. Use a better grade.

I cut out all my wood pieces first, and then cover them with carpet using a air stapler, then screw them together. (May or may not work depending on your design, so lay it out first)

Consider covering one of your posts with sisal.

Make sure your base is wide enough that multiple cats won't be able to pull it over.

Did you have any specific questions?
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Wal-Mart has cat trees for $35. It is cheaper than building your own tree.
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I built my own, but it doesn't have carpeting or tunnels. If you want to see it, let me know, but right now my cameras not working (so I cant take a pic)
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I'm going to be building my own in a few months when I have access to my dad's woodshop. I'll be able to build a pretty decent sized one for less than it would cost me to buy it. My cats are soooo spoiled!
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I would like to build my own cat tree. I would most likely mess up like 100 times before I got it right.
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Supposedly Chad will be making one for us this winter since it's his off season... He also wants to make a wheel but we'll see how that goes

If you make one you should definetely keep us updated on the process and post pics!
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