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Mitford and other books

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Does anyone else read these books by Jan Karon? They are really good and uplifting. I finished the 3rd one last night, and ran out to the library to get the next installment today.

What else are you reading?
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I have never heard of Jan Karon, actually. What type of stories does she write? I am currently reading Stephen King's Rose Read book...the diary of Ellen Reimbrauer ( I think I misspelled the last name)
It's pretty good so far.
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Her main character is a 60 something Episcopal priest. The stories are set in a small southern town, and are very nice and refreshing, but never. There are a lot of references to prayer and God.

I saw the TV special about Rose Red, it was pretty good.
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I just finished a new biography of Isadora Duncan. Now, I'm onto something trashy: Jackie Collins' new one, "Deadly Embrace".
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I have just finished reading one of Danielle Steeles latest: The Kiss. I just absolutely love her. I am partial to mushy/sad novels. This one was incredibly sad. Don't really know why I do this to myself at times but it is a great excuse for a good cry!!!!!

Also enjoy Jackie Collins novels. How is the "Deadly Embrace" one?

Nora Robert's is another one of my favorites.

Guess I'm a little on the sentimental side of the novel world.

Jan Karon sounds like an author that one of my good friends would love. I'll pass on this info. Her life revolves around God and prayer and as much as I respect this, this is her passion.
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"Deadly Embrace" was good but had a lousy ending. I was disappointed.
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G.--Tell her to start with At Home in Mitford. The books go in order, so best to begin with the beginning. These are good books for the more religious, and not so religious, too, like me. They make me think and it's nice to read a book where the characters actually care about each other.

Have you ever read Rosamund Pilcher's books, she tends toward the sentimental.

I usually prefer mysteries, but occasionally take a break with other types of novels.
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Cindy...I used to love Jackie Collins...I have all of her old favorite was "Chances" with the Santangelo family.

Would you recommend "Deadly Embrace" even though you said it ended badly? Did it keep you interested? I like books that are hard to put down!!
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Its fine, until the epilogue. It seems as if she got bored with it, herself and just wrapped up all of the plotlines, at once.

I like murder mysteries, too. I have reserves on Faye Kellerman's, Kathy Reichs', Perri O'Shaughnessy's and J.A. Jance's new ones, at the library.

These are, all series, featuring the same cops/lawyers/medical examiners.

I wish that Linda Fairstein would get a new one out. Her main job is as the chief sex crimes prosecutor, for Manhattan. Her protagonist is, too. Her books are well-written and based on some actual cases.
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I posted a while back about a great book I read not so long ago called White Teeth.

Apart from that if we're talking pulp fiction I think Judith Krantz is very good. She wrote a book a good few years back now called Mistral's Daugther. That was excellent. It was made into a mini-series with Stacy Keach (yuk- Mr Zero Charisma - sorry . . .). Sadly it didn't do the book justice.

There was also a book I read while staying in an Italian farm cottage last November. It was one of these 800-page jobbies, and as the weather was less than good we stayed in, playing backgammon, scrabble and drinking wine. And I managed to finish the book in a week!

I'll post when I remember it. It's another of these rambling family sagas with lots of twists and turns, and a fab read.
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Brenda, I will pass on this info and I might even take a gander at one of her books.

I'm not a mystery fanatic because I'm not smart enough to put the book down when the clock strikes 3:00am and I have to get up at 6:00!!! LOL. Always has been my problem......

Debby, if I'm not mistaken, Jackie Collins had a sequel to "Chances" called "Lucky (not sure if it is just plain old Lucky or "Lucky Santagnelo"). I remember reading a book that was Part 2 of the Santagnelo family. It was great! Also read all of the "Hollywood Wives/Husbands etc...collection).

Nora Roberts also had a MacGregor Clan collection. It was great! I had a hard time finding which book was first/second/third because I found out about the collection way after it was all published. I think I'm still missing out on one or two of them. (very Scottish and interesting).

Just started another Danielle Steele called House on Hope street. I'm doomed for a good cry because this one starts off sad right from the beginning! So far, it's pretty good.
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There are 4 or 5 books, in the Lucky Santangelo series. I know that I've read them all. They ARE good.

I read a lot of biographies and history, too. My current book is an in-depth look at the diamond industry - very good read.

My bookshelf, also contains a lot of humor: Lewis Grizzard and Jeff Foxworthy. Roy Blount is a great Southern humorist, too.
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I too have read (and own) all of the Lucky Santangelo series. I still think the first one, about her father Gino (Chances) was the best one!
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hmmmmm. Time for me to go book hunting. Didn't realise there was 4 or 5 in the Santangelo series!
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Ghys....Lucky was the second one, but I can't remember the names of the others....I would look, but they are packed away in the attic.

Oh wait...I think the 3rd one is called "Lady Boss" but I'm not positive.
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I am reading "Odd Girl Out". It is pretty good so far. I've only read a chpater or two so far. This book was on the New York Times Best Seller List.
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I am just about to start Once Upon a Winter's Night by Dennis McKiernan. It is a fantasy novel told in a traditional fairy tale style.
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I just finished Curfew by Phil Rickman. I picked up another book by him the other day (and can't remember the name for the life of me) and really liked it, so I've gotten or reserved all the others our library system has. His recent books are supernatural mysteries, starring a female pastor who is part of an exorcism group in the Anglican church. An interesting combination, horror and mystery, but actually really well-written and engrossing.
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"Lady Boss" is the third Lucky Santangelo book and it was followed up by "Lucky's Vendetta".
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Thanks Cindy! I had the Lady Boss one right then, but couldn't think of the 4th one at all!!
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I am in the process of reading GONE by Kit Craig. Although early into the book it has everything I desire from a good read, suspense, drama, my mind is racing ahead trying to figure out where it is going and it is a book hard to put down. I bought it at the local book sale at the library last week and really recommend it.
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Hissy...ever since I read that book "Intensity" that you recommended to me...I have been disappointed with everything else....Intensity was one of the best books I had ever read, and I could NOT put it down...I have been looking for another one that keeps me on the edge of my seat like that..and so far, all others have fallen short.
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