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Dental work caused serious problem

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Hi all, I'm new here and I'm not the cats owner but I do need some help.
My aunt took her 7yr 7mo old cat to the vet to have her teeth cleaned, they put her under anesthesia to do the cleaning, Lucy came out of the anesthesia but was very lethargic and not acting like herself. My aunt called the vet the following day and they told her it takes time for some cats to come out of the anesthetics. Now, a month later and visits to two or three different veterinarians and Lucy is still not herself. She is lethargic, has no appetite, hides, and will only walk a short distance. The vet took blood a week after this all happened, not sure what tests were run, but they all came out fine. They gave her a B12 shot along with valium and said it will increase her appetite. My aunt is force feeding Lucy every day and there is still no change.
If any of you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
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Poor Lucy...has the vet ruled out brain damage from the anesthesia? <---to you and your aunt, who must be terribly worried about her baby...I hope she eventually makes a full recovery and gets back to her old self
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Did the vet's recheck her teeth? Sometimes if they have a small cavity and have a cleaning,a tooth can abcess.With her symtoms,maybe she's in so much pain she can't eat?? Just an idea....
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Just wondering how Lucy is??
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Thanks for the concern. Lucy is slowly getting better with each day. She is walking a little bit farther and once again wants attention.
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All: Thanks for the concern about Lucy. THe vet finaly diagnosed her with Cardiomyopathy. My aunt is now force feeding her and trying to get the medication down too. Lucy gets sick every morning - good ol' medication side effects.
Again, thanks for all your concern and thoughts.
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Awwww poor Lucy. I sure hope she feels better soon!
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I am very sorry for your aunt and for poor Lucy.
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Wow! Is this somehow related to the tooth cleaning and anesthesia? Or is it just coincidence? I ask because my cat is supposed to go get his teeth cleaned soon, but now I am scared.

Sending hugs to Lucy!
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It is important to have a blood test and have the cat's heart checked before cleaning the teeth since anasthesia is used. My vet refused to clean Gizmo's teeth when an oddity appeared in her heartbeat. If she has a clean bill of health in November we may schedule the cleaning.
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The vet said there is no way to find out if this all came about because of the anesthesia. They did hear an abnormal heartbeat - a month later, thus, the diagnosis of Cardiomyopathy. It's a very good idea to have a blood test and heart check before going under anethstetics.
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