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Due to a software upgrade, our terminology is changing regarding rule violations. This new upgrade uses different words, but it makes it easier to keep track of who has been pm'd about a violation and should avoid any confusion between moderators and members. The only two words in question are as follows:

Warning: If you receive a pm that is a warning, it will serve merely as a rule reminder and will not affect your membership privileges. This would be for something minor, such as a signature violation.

Infraction: This is a new term for TCS and was formerly known as a "Warning." Receiving an infraction by pm means that a serious rule violation has taken place. Action may or may not be taken regarding your membership privileges. This is at the sole discretion of the TCS team since not all cases are the same.

There will be no changes in how we moderate the forums, but as always, decisions and actions will be kept private and can only be discussed with mods and admins through pm's.

Our rules can be read here: