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how this stuff happens to ME i dont know

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First of all i want to clarify that n no way do i consider myself a cat rescuer... i dont know where these people are getting my information from but they are. This mornign I woke up to get my mail... somethign told me to get it early. And theres a plastic bag on my door step. I thought these F*$&*#% kids littering.. i pick it up to toss it away... and yes you guessed it there is a kitten in there. The moron who dropped him off cut holes in the bag. The kitten is in good spirits im guestimating he is around 5/6 weeks old. hes walking eating eyes look good. but I havent seen him go to the bathroom yet. I put a small box down. Scrathched his feet in it. Nothing. I also noticed he was INFESTED with fleas so In the tub he went with Irish Spring soap. I lathered him let the soap soak in rinsed and repeated. Tomorrow he has an apt to be wormed and he is for now confined to my bathroom whre the oter cats and ferret cant see him. even though they KNOW someone is behing there and its KILLING them to not know who...especially the ferret, he being so nosey. hes warm happy clean. what else can i do for him? I havent decided yet if i am going to keep him or adopt him out. I have been on the quest for a black male kitten for a while and I am getting one next week from a lovely lady a few towns away and now this little worm shows up. I know im going to get attached...but I cant back down on my promise to take the kit from the other woman.. I just know my husband is going to go through the ROOF when he sees another baby here! but he has a huge soft spot... I just want to knwo what else to do for "cairo"... yea im screwed i already named him.
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That is so sad that someone would dump a poor kitten at your door. Thank God you took him in! I hope you find a great forever home for him (if you can part with him...)

Can we have pics?
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Hes used the box.. At first he was playing in it... then he got down to business! I put some "dirty" litter in there from the girls box so he could smell it and it worked. Im getting pics right now. Maybe someone more expierenced can tell me a better gustimate at his age... and if infact it is a him
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Awwwww, that's so awesome of you to take him in. I know what you mean about getting attached. We were "given" a newborn kitten that was abandoned by her mother and now she's 4 months old and the light of our life. It's crazy being so attached to a kitten.

P.S. Just wondering. How do you put the photos at the bottom of your post?
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Yeah, I think your screwed! Just tell dear hubby, "honey, looks like we're going to have twins!" If you could keep both, they can grow up together........how wonderful would that be?

People make me so mad how they just dump living animals!!!
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ok my battery in my camera is dead right now. damion (dh) is picking me up some. I told him i have a surprise for him when he gets home... the surprise is an actual dinner I cooked...and a cute little purrbox. Initially he will be pissed that Cairo is here... and knowng that i have another kittie coming next week.. but after the story sinks in about how cairo found us he will want to go out and find the sorry f**$ that left him here.
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Let us know how it goes......can't wait for those pics!
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well now you've got this new baby, make him all better!
Then you can adopt him out to someone who will love him!

I think if dan ever left me I would open my doors up to kittens and cats in need. I have a spare bedroom that i would use. I had mikey and found peanut was in need so i took him in, thats my personal limit but being a foster mom wouldnt be a bad idea

take care and good luck with your new addition.
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see Damion loves the little fur balls deep inside. But we have a ferret penelope who is 6 months old and we NEED to get her a companion...sure she plays with the cats but they get bored with her after a while and annoyed...she needs another ferret as companionship! Damion said if another ferret or another animal moves in..he moves out! so i told him to get packing lol. I just hate being told i cant do what i want to do when it comes to my fur buckets! anyway here is a bribe pic of damion sleeping on the couch...and look whose peekng out under his arm... thats isis when she was about 6 weeks old!
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