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My 5 cats

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Hello my friends

I want show you my five cats!
Maybe i'm crazy, i dont know.
But yes, i have five cats now and i love them all.

My friend(girl) have cattery named "Allada Cat" (British Shorthair breed)
And yes, im in cattery with she together.
She present me kitten! (named Baileys)
She was very sad about my previous cat
and know how i'm crying.
dont know how..
but Baileys with me!
Aww..he so cute boy.

Ok. Now pictures.

My first cat British Shorthair
with name Baileys Irish Cream
He have color: chocolate spotted on silver.
And now he one year old boy.
He very very kind and good boy and he sooo love me.

Here he was 3,5 month old boy

here he 7 month old boy

1 year old (now)
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awr that is just too cute! love the first pic!
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And after than i take Baileys
my friend say me: i know u dream about Selkirk Rex breed.
Oh yes. It was my dreams. I love this breed.
Ok. How about girl for him?? What you think?
Oh noo...i want but, it so hard for me, im said.
She answer: i'll help you with kittens.
Oh i very want curly little girl
My friend and me thinking about it and think this cute
have in our cattery Selkirk Rex breed too.
Ok i'll be Selkirk Rex breeder
Because British Shorthair + Selkirk Rex= kittens Selkirk Rex
When i said about it my husband, he said: oh no!
Julia are u crazy? We have one cat Baileys and this all.
How much costs this curly cat?
OH noo

Because he dont understand me.
But i found money and...
And...in september 2005 curly little girl with name Curly Zarina From Sham come to us from Germany -cattery "From Sham"
She's color: Blue Cream tortoise
She was 4 month old little curly girl.
She my little sheep.

here she 4 month old
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Baileys was surprise
He said: oh mommy who is it??
And he was angry first time on she

But after they love together
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awr they are all too cute!!!!
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So long story about my cats i have

Here my Zarina

4,5 month old

5,5 month old

Baileys(6 month old) & Zarina(5 month old)

Zarina 6 month old (professional photographer work)

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thank you very much
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What a beautiful way you presented your kitties. They are very beautiful !!! I love all the pictures !!!! Keep them coming !!!! The story is fabulous !!!
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Zarina has like the cutest eyes EVER! she is so fluffy and cute!!

AAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRR!!!!!!! give them a big hug from me!!
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I love your cats! They are beautiful!
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Zarina and Baileys was on big cat shows.

Big cat show in Moscow - WCF system
3-4 desember 2005

oh they not like Cat Shows and was tired. my babyes

But Zarina got this

She BEST OF BREED on Spinx and Rex Special Show

24-25 desember 2005 Cat Show FIFe system

They was nominated two days.

but they very tired.

Expert looks on Baileys

Baileys dont like this expert
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Thank you!

awww...thaaank you, dear
i'll let them know

Thank you!!
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Love your kitties - they're so beautiful! Zarina is a doll!
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What beautiful kitties you have!
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4 experts on Cat Show typing me in certificate(diplom)
about Zarina : "she like doll"


Thank you very very much!
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I love how you tell your story!! Your babies are very beautiful! I love Bailey's tail
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next story

"Pregnant Zarina"
Aww my little girl...she will mommy!

than she was pregnant- she was no curly
just curly belly.

And 10th April 2006 she give birth 7 cute kittens!
I'm was with her and help her.

3 kittens with curly hairs like his mommy,
and 4 looks like Baileys
All kittens was on silver like thather.
5 girls and 2 boys!

awwww they was soooo cute babyes.
i love them very much.
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Awww, I have really enjoyed reading your story about your absolutely beautiful kitties!! I would love to see more photos. They are so precious!!
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Thank you very much!

But my english sooo bad
i want many many to say, but cant oh

To all: please sorry me for my bad english
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thank you!
Its so pleasant for me
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Your English is fine .... I think everyone understands exactly what you are saying ...... what beautiful kittens !!!! All of your babies are just gorgeous !!!!
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Oh my they are so beautiful!!!! Your english is just fine!!! I love your stories about your kitties!!
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Our love for our kitties is a language we all understand!!! Your babies are very beautiful! Congrats on the cat show! best in breed is fabulous!!!
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aww... thanx

Thank you very much!


thank you!

Thank you all!!!! Youre best!
Thousand kisses from me and my cats!
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And my kittens grew...
Me and my husband love them all.

Ah my Zarina, she wonderfully mommy!!!
She talking with her babyes...lick them
and to feed them.

little girl- she not curly but she so cute!
color: blue cream spotted tortoise on silver

little curly boy (he have curly hair and whiskers )
color: red spotted on silver
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I'm in love with those kitties! I think I'd have to keep one or two if they were mine. Do you plan on keeping any?
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little curly girl
color: lilac (pink) spotted on silver

little boy (he not curly)
chocolate shaded on silver

little girl (not curly)
color: chololate red spotted tortoise on silver

she looks like Baileys
(now she live with she new mommy- my friend)
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What beautiful kitties you have! I am not surprised they did well at shows.
Zarina's kittens are beautiful. It will be fun watching then grow up in pictures.
Welcome to TCS, and thank you for sharing your beatuiful pictures.
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Originally Posted by TiffanyL View Post
I'm in love with those kitties! I think I'd have to keep one or two if they were mine. Do you plan on keeping any?
Aww...dear Tiffany, sorry
All kittens now 4,5 month old.
4 kittens go in new homes.
and 3 stay with me and my husband

1 kitten -curly pink girl stay in our cattery and live now
with my friend, who present me Baileys
I'm present to her this girl

1 kitten- not curly live with my other friend(girl)
and 2 kittens boy and girl go to her parents

But Zarina will mommy again, but in next year
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