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Favorite/least favorite canned food?

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I'm sure this has probably been posted before, but what is your cat's favorite and least favorite canned food? All our cats love Nutro MaxCat...the girls eat the Adult Lite and the Adult Oceanfish formulas, but hate Science Diet canned food (they do, however like the SD Dry food). The kittens loooove the MaxCat Kitten Chicken & Oceanfish formula - it's pretty much all they will eat now, in terms of canned food. They DESPISE ProPlan, I don't think they like the texture of it at all.

What are your kitties eating?
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My cats love Friskies turkey & cheese dinner in gravy and all but one cat will not eat the whiskas pouches.
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Kandie prefers the following... Raw ( she just doesnt get eat it now please )
Nutro salmon and shrimp chowder
Solid golds Tuna and blue can
Pro pac s beef
Meow mix fillet meow
Natural choice dog in senior ( vet approved)
Innova red label
Evangers all but the cavier one
Authoritys catfish one and beef
Wysongs Au jus in beef
Gourmet classics in veal pate

anything I got on sale and cheap stuff

Natural choice salmon and shrimp
Meow mix catch of the day and fillet meow

All others
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All Kitty will eat is Meow Mix.

She loves all the variety pouches-
On a Wing and a Prawn,
Maine Attraction,
and Fillet Meow being her very favorites.

Meow Mix Market Select Cups-
Turkey and Giblets in Gravy,
and Chicken Breast with Whole Shrimp.

Meow Mix Dry Kibble-
Original Choice,
and Oceanfish flavor.

Meow Mix Treats-
Kitty Catch Moist,
and Drumsticks Tartar Control.
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Gizmo will eat a little of the Nature's Logic canned rabbit.

she will eat no other wet food.
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2 of my cats like whiskas in gravy..1 likes felix in jelly..1 likes kitikat..1 likes tuna outta a can..i think all cats r diff and if they dont like they dont babies r soo fussy..but ive found whatever dry food i put down they all like at least thats easy to get
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well all of mine seem to have a 6 months cycle, we are currently on Friskas Gourmet Gold BUT only the mousse and...........mum dont you dare put that stuff that has lumps in it !! oh and buiscuits have to be Affinity (anti hair-ball)
Least fav at the mo......(which they loved 6 mths back ) Felix one sniff and its we are totally disgusted pooeehwie
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lol..its like 2 of mine if u were to put fish food near them they look at me with such disgust..1 of mine also licks the gravy off the food and walks away leaving the meat..mine also like fresh chicken im abit put off by duck or rabbit..i think its just because there soo cute
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My kittens seem to eat every canned food I try, although if it's from a pouch I need to mash it up for Eve. So I'll start with the smaller list.

What they weren't too impressed with but still eat:
Iams kitten cans
Friskies kitten can, but forget the flavor I tried

What they like:
Nutro Max kitten, all flavors
Nutro Natural kitten pouches, all flavors (if mashed)
Nutro Natural kitten chicken and tuna, still trying the other Natural types (just found a source)
Pro Plan kitten Ocean Whitefish
Chicken Soup kitten

They also get Eukanuba kitten dry (chicken and rice flavor) although I might mix some Chicken Soup in the next time they need more. I don't want them to get picky about dry food.
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Pudge eats Felidae wet. She's eaten every wet food I've tried so far.
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Lilly is the more picky of my two with wet food. She prefers anything fish/seafood, and generally turns her nose up at other flavors. She also will only eat pate style- no chunks or pouches. Leo doesn't seem to have flavor/brand preferences, although I do need to warm his food in the microwave once the can has been opened and put in the fridge.

Lilly and Leo eat:
Nutro (esp. the purple labeled seafood flavor)
Blue Spa (Lilly actually will eat any flavor!)
Authority (on occasion, but this is hit-n-miss with Lilly)
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I tried 26 different wet foods while looking for some that all three of my guys would eat- all three being the operative words.

They are now eating a rotation of California Natural chicken and rice, California Natural deep ocean fish, Wellness turkey, Felidae, and a few Merrick flavors.
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