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Special needs kittens....

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...and they don't stand a chance of being adopted!

We got in two kittens, about 10-11 weeks old now. Brother & sister, so naturally, they are Jack & Jill. Jill was going home with a volunteer at the shelter once her brother got adopted, but she changed her mind(I believe she rescued other kittens from a bad place & can't afford Jill).

I cannot remember exactly what Jill has, but I believe it is cerebrellar hypoplasia? After watching Jack for several weeks, we do believe that he also "has a touch" of it. Jack has much more movement control, he is slightly uncoordinated.

We hope to be able to send these two to a rescue in the Twin Cities so they have a chance of being adopted(although, the rescue isn't too sure they want them), but until then, we plan on putting Jill on Petfinder as special needs. Jack isn't listed as special needs because we do not know for sure if he is.

The saddest thing in the world is the two kittens made a poopy mess of their cage & themselves. I had to bathe them lastnight & Jill kept flopping around....like a dying fish(I cannot think of another way to describe it). It was one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever done, & I carried her around cuddling her & then Jack for 30 minutes. Poor girl couldn't even crawl out of the sink to get away...

I should also add, these two were not people friendly at first, but now Jack likes people more, and Jill loves people. She always attacks my hand until I get a toy whenever I clean their cage.

Here's Jack.

Jill is much more white, she has one black spot on her side, & black "darts" on her head. If I am remembering right, she also has a black tail.

What can I add to their bios to make them more appealing? Are Jack's pictures good? Whenever we get Jack out of his cage to put him on the counter to take his pics, he looks scared. With how over crowded the shelter is, I really pity these two. They don't get the attention they need & deserve to truly come out of their shells. (particularly since we have a calico mother with cute calico 7 week old babies, and other "healthy" kittens)
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I believe they do have a chance of being adopted. There are people out there who need to be needed and a special-needs kitten may just fill that spot. They will need an owner with that extra bit of patience and time for them but I'm sure they'll make wonderful companions.

Jacks pics look good, maybe a bit small, especially the second two.
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jack's pics look great!! The playball in the front adds appeal. imo, anyone viewing a pic of kitten in a shelter should not only expect to see a scared look, but should be understanding enough to realize how important it is that the cat/kitten be 'bailed-out' ASAP. Bless you for bringing these 2 cuties to our attention - I will say prayers for them.
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I wish you lived closer I would take them in a heartbeat. I have CH kitty that is almost 15yrs. old. She is precious. She doesn't walk well but manages to get where she wants to go. She can even climb up on the bed. I never really treated her any differently than the other cats and she thinks she is just like them. I so hope you can find them a good home. Here is a link to a CH website and maybe you can add them to their adoption list. Good luck! http://www.chkittyclub.com/pages/home.html
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lots of vibes that those 2 sweethearts get a home {{{}}}}}
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CathyC, thanks for the link! We don't know for sure if CH is what Jill has...well...they can't afford to take her to the vet to be sure. Stupid, I know. I *think* I found a foster home for Jack & Jill. Here's the link to Jill's page.
I took the pictures myself. I carry her with me everywhere, every chance I get. They are in the front office in a bigger cage so they aren't so poopy & so more people see them. I love Jill's second picture. As for Jacks' picture with the toy...he had poop on his foot & we needed to cover it up. lol

catsknowme...it never ceases to amaze me how ignorant people are of the stress these cats are under. They simply judge a cat by it's picture. It's sad.
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Oh, Jill is just precious! What a pretty little girl. I hope that the special person who can give these two a wonderful home comes out soon!
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if i lived by you I would find these two a home. i would make it my du ty

I think they are adorable. and Im sure the more you advertise these little guys and their story someone with a big heart will come along and get these two.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Oh, Jill is just precious! What a pretty little girl. I hope that the special person who can give these two a wonderful home comes out soon!
my thoughts exactly. these 2 deserve the chance to be loved and spoilt as they should be
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