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Will they EVER get along?

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I've had Larry Boy for 2 weeks now. Rosco is not happy (which i expected). Rosco does not like kittens- he's a cranky old poop. But he's not a bully and basically sulks and pouts and glares at ME! LOL But, still, even 2 weeks alter, whenever larry wants to play with him (which is any time Rosco comes inside), he STILl hisses and swats and is generally PO'd.

We got Sebastian on Tuesday this week. Sebastian lived in a house with one of his littermates and an adult cat. He gets royally PO'd when larry wants to Play. Full out growling and nasty sounds. Larry is kind of a dope and he thinks it's funny, and keeps on playing.

Larry still hisses and gets upset when the dog walks by. The dog could care less about the cats- she doesn't even look at him. But he gets all worked up.

So I wonder how long this is gonna go on!?!
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Well it hasn't been very long sine you got either new cat. So it still may take some time. Are all the cats neutered? Or at least will they be before they hit sexual maturity at 5-7 or so months? That will make a big difference. Plus you may have to go through this all over again when they go to get done since htey will smell like a whole new cat so better sooner then later.

Do you have Feliway plugins throughout your house where the cats are? That wil help too. Have you put a little pure vanilla extract on them so they all smell the same? How about rubbing one with a towel and then rubbing the towel on the next cat so they can learn each others smells??

Lastly, remember they are not fighting and don't need to be broken up unless there is blood shed. Growling, hissing, swatting, screaming, tumbling a bit is all normal. They will need to establish alpha cat especially being all males. Which is another reason they all need to be neutered before 5 months if they aren't already.
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oh where in Ohio are you located?
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Rosco is neutered- he is between 6-7 yrs old. The babies are approx 3 months old, so they aren't done yet.

I had a feliway thing in my hand yesterda but put it back- do they really help?

There's been no bloodshed, thank goodness. Just a bunch of crankiness.
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hey Jen, I am in Lima.
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yes feliways do work i would get a plug in one and one that you spray on your hands that way when you stroke each cat it gets a good sniff and it will calm them down(we use them at the surgery i work at and they are a god send for grumpy cats that need handling).
hope it works for you
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Don't give up hope! We've had our "new" cat since last November. Our "old" cat has just now started to play with her and be her friend!!

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I have 2 cats, Chynna who is 14 years old, and Abby who is 8 years old.

Eight years ago I took a job that the shifts were twelve and one half hours long and poor Chynna was alone all those hours, and on days that I worked all I did was sleep and work, so she was quite lonely, especially when I worked night shift.

I figured I'd adopt another cat to keep her company and got Abby when she was 4 months old from my friend's daughter.

Maybe it was partly to do with the introduction technique I used, which is basically none. I got Abby on my stretch of 7 shifts off work and basically just monitored that there was no fighting. I only have a one bedroom apartment so it's not possible to keep one cat separate from the other.

Anyway, after all of these years they just 'tolerate' one another. I notice that sometimes Chynna "Stalks" Abby and I don't know if that's playing or not, but Chynna is quite a fatty and Abby screams when Chynna gets on her so I intervene and distract one of them.

Chynna is the dominant cat because Abby yields wherever she is to Chynna if Chynna approaches her. I do notice that sometimes Abby does try to stick up for herself and they get into swatting matches with Abby always yielding to Chynna.

Occasionally I see the two of them on my bed or on the area rug sleeping about 6 inches from one another. I know that for the 2 of them to be that close that Chynna had to have been sleeping when Abby went to lay down. I know Abby would love to cuddle with Chynna, but Chynna won't have anything to do with that. Other than those times, the closest they ever get to one another is around dinner time and Chynna will let Abby right up beside her, and even tolerate a lick on the head.

They do share the same litter box, and Chynna will sometimes bury what Abby does because Abby refuses to get her paws dirty, LOL They have separate dishes, but share the same water dish, and I use the same brush on both of them.

I've just resigned myself to the fact that these 2 particular kitties will never be cuddle or grooming buddies.
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