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agh food for my kittens and my fat cat

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I'm having a heck of a time. I've got my fat old boy (well middle aged, LOL), Rosco. he is simply a BIG cat, big feet and all but i have to carefully feet him because he can go from big to FAT really fast. Well he is indoor/outdoor (long story) and the neighbor keeps feeding him dispite my telling her not to, and he is, of course FAT again. HUGELY fat.

I've got Larry Boy and another new kitten, Sebasian. Sebbie is very scrawny (as was larry when I got him). So i am trying to fatten him up. I was feeding Rosco his food and the kittens Nutro indoor kitten formula but the kittens want to eat his, he wants to eat theirs. So I mixed it together. They ate that for 2 weeks and I recently bought a bag of Felidae and am adding it slowly, with the idea of having them on Felidae in the end. BUT! is an 'all stages' food REALLY OK for the babies? I am feeding them canned KITTEN food 2x a day (poor Sebbie had never seen canned before. i will have to post more about him later ).

When we got Rosco as a baby, he was an abandoned barn kitten and we did the kitten chow back then, before we knew any better. he's alwasy been healthy as a horse (and roughly the size of one ). But both of the kittens were not very healthy when they came to me. And we are NOT allowing them outside. Which, with larry has been a fight (he was a stray, so he knows what outside is).
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What does Rocco eat???
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Rosco was on Nutro (adult). Now he is eating the mixeed along with the babies- i got tired of fighting with them all. I am thinking as long as they are getting the kitten canned they should still be OK? Rosco does not get canned everyday. if he doesn't come in at canned feeding time 9breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time), he doesn;t get it. I;ve no idea what the crazy chick next door is feeding him. And he hunts.
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Felidea is good but compare protein and fat to the kitten ...

I would try the indoor adult or senior depending on Roccos age some cats like the taste better than the reg...

All stage is a debate ... When I look most are just adult food in a different bag since they either meet a profile for kitten thru senior or they tested on all ages ... Kittens wont be hurt by a high end all stage but I just wonder
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I wonder, too.
The Felidae is supposed to be all stage. Rosco is about 7 yrs old. The kittens are between 3-4 months old. They get their canned kitten food, and Sebbie does need it, he is SCRAWNY!! But Rosco certainly does not, LOL>
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Rocco is a senior ...

Yes the kittens will need kitten food for a few more to six months ... Has the skinny one been wormed>>??
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the person who had him before says she wormed him. They are seeing my vet in 2 weeks. I my vet, so I am looking forward to him seeing them.

Sebbie is skinny, I think, because she wasn't feeding him much. And what she does feed isn't good- she buys mixed bags of 'junk food' from a local store-they take the bags that break open and mix it together and sell it for 50¢ a pound. And he never ever had any canned or kitten food. I had to offer it 3 or 4times before he'd eat it.
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