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It's been five years...

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since the loss of my little Midnight. I had a very special bond with her, and I still think of her often and still miss her. Her cremains will always have a place of honor in my home. Here's a link to the thread about her loss, http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3496 and btw when I typed that thread it was only the second I posted here at TCS. One thing that I didn't mention in the orginal thread was that under veterinary supervision, I increased Midnight's pain meds several times with no results at all. And she was suffering so much...

Midnight, I know you're free from pain now and have been restored to happiness, health and youth. Keep having lots of fun at the Bridge...I will never forget you and someday I will see you again.
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Oh Lorie that was so sad but touching at the same time It's quite obvious that after this length of time Midnight is still alive in your heart because your thinking of her still and as long as you do that she'll never die

Your right she's free from pain now that she's over the bridge, but she'll be waiting for you one day at the other end

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I am so sorry for your loss; your beautiful tribute is a testament to the greatness of your love for her.

Rest in Peace Midnight; don't forget to look in on those who love and miss you at this sad time.
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Precious Midnight lives on in your heart.
I pray that some day you will be together again.
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