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Kittens and steps - moving the litterbox

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OK Stella is about 11 weeks old now. I've had an extra litter box upstairs in the bathroom for her since she's too little to navigate into the basement. She can go down but won't (can't?) come up.
This may be selfish but I'm REALLY sick of the litterbox being in the bathroom upstairs. Mainly because Oliver uses it too. He's way too big to use that one and scratches litter all over the place and sometimes misses and goes over the side. I would like them to have 2 litterpans in the basement. Any thoughts on moving it and making the transition smooth?
I've been putting Stella down there (with food and water) during the day figuring she'll come up when she's ready. But when I get home she's still down there. I can't figure out if she just likes it down there or can't climb up. Thoughts?
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I'm thinking about the same thing.
We have a litter box in the basement, with a kitty door in the door from the kitchen to the basemenet, for Rosco. I have a tiny litter pan in the bathroom for the babies, but Sebbie makes SUCH A FREAKIN MESS!!! I;m thinking about putting another in the basement and just sticking them down there, to see what happens. Sebbie was using a litte rbox in the basement at his previous home, so he may be OK. Not so sure about larry, though.
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Maybe her haunches just aren't strong enough to manoeuver the stairs properly. You might want to ask the vet about that.
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When we brought Persi home, we had a "safe" room for him including the litter box. We then moved the litter box to the adjoining room, a bathroom for the bedroom that served as his safe room. As he began to get older we wanted to move the litter box way, way across the house to the laundry room. This may sound bizarre, but we moved the litter box about twenty feet a day until we had it where we wanted it, and Persi followed the litter box and did a perfect job. We also sprayed it with scent as we moved it. It worked for us. It is now located in the laundry room, far away from his safe room, where we still keep the scratching posts and his food.
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