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black or white cats

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do you like black or white cats or both.
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I like them both! I have A black and white guy named Peppurr:
Here's some pics of him:

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He is beautiful. What a sexy boy!! He is one photogenic cat.

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Aw Vader. Peppurr is so sweet.

How can anyone say they don't like black, white or black and white cats? - glad the poll show no-one saying they don't like either!

My neighbours moved recently and took their black and white baby 'Treacle' to the other end of the country. As she used to spend lots of time in our house - we miss her hugely.

And she looked just like Peppurr.
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Well, I like all, but answered black so that Casper won't get mad Here's a pic of our black handsome Casper (he told me to type that )

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I have a black cat, Trent, and a black and white cat, Ophelia. Here is the link to my Ofoto album of them.


(No new photos, for those who have visited before.)

I love them both to death, and I think all cats are beautiful.
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I am quite fond of black cats only because I am owned by one but I love all colored kitties.
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Here's my black cat Vader. Don't him and Casper look like twins?
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Casper and Vader are both gorgeous. I agree, all cats are beautiful and wonderfully lovable.
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I don't care about color, gender or pedigrees. I have had cats of every color and color combination. Love 'em all. (Well, I really feel sorry for those pitiful-looking Sphinx cats. Poor, naked critters!)
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Oh, I Can't get over it how much Vader and Casper look alike! I would not be able to manage with twins like Casper though, one is enough to deal with
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If you want to have triplets, you could add Fitzy to Casper and Vader. He's another all black kitty with green eyes. I have a kitten picture just like the one of casper you have under your name.
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I voted both because frankly I have yet to meet a cat I didn't like!!!!!
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I love Sphynx kitties soooooo much!!! They are my favorite breed other then Domestic House Kitties, of course!
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I was just as Casper & Kitty's site, and I just about died! Look at these pictures!

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Vader, that's funny!!! Our vampire cats
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I love Black Cats Especially mine.
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Wow. The close-up pic of Casper looks IDENTICAL to my Ferdy. That level, knowing gaze that just melts me every time!

I love black cats too (but I also love my blue and my lilac-cream persians).

Hey - I love em all!!
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