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Hypothetical senerio

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the whole thing with recessive genes and everything is really confusing to me. Now...if you have an all grey female that mates with an all black male... and you have an all white kitten is that possible?
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No. One of 2 possibilities tho.

The "white" kitten is really a pointed one since pointed kittens are born white. And the only way that would happen is if the blue mother and black father are both carrying the pointed gene.

Second possibility (and more likely) is that the blue mother mated with more then the black father; she had to have mated with an all white male to get the one white kitten.
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ok so if that happened... the blue mom mating with the black dad producing an all white kitten its impossible?
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Im not expert on cat colours and which genes carry which colour / which dominance.

I will take it purely theoretically.

Assume white gene is recessive.

So a grey mom (or blue as grey is often called for blue) and a black dad can both have a recessive white gene, but it will not show as long as they have also another, not white gen "stronger" than white, dominant over white.

If both mom and dad thus have this recessive white gen, there will be about 25% chance they will get kitten with both genes recessive white; ie white kitten.
In practice, about 1 kitten in a small litter, about 2 kittens in a big litter.

Half of the siblings will have the usual colours but be carriers of the white gene.

And the last 25% will have usual colours and dont have any recessive white gene.
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White is NEVER a recessive gene. In fact its more dominate. If a cat mated with a black cat and a white cat, you'd have at least one white kitten.

If the white kitten is not a pointed cat, then the female would have to mate with a white male to get that white kitten. Cats don't "carry" white. White is not really considered a genetic color at all. White covers all other colors that the cat is carrying.
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Can a white cat be an albino? I don't know much about the genes of an albino, but isn't it more of a mutation situation, instead of recessive/dominate genes?
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An albino would be a white cat with pink eyes. I've never heard or seen one. But white is not recessive. You also have the "white spotting" gene that gives you the bicolor cats.

So technically you CAN have a white cat that is a bicolor underneath the all white. It could produce a bicolor cat.

Solid whites are more/less a colored cat that is painted all white. And you know its dominate because in the case of turkish angora cats, you have a very dominate white where you get almost all white cats for generations. But colored turkish angoras do exist and were there all the time - just that the Turkish zoo took any colored kittens out of the breeding so the dominate white would be the only cats in the zoo.
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Since the gene for whote is a dominant gene there's no way two non-white cats can produce white offspring UNLESS the kitten is a true albino (albinism is a recessiva trait). It's extremely unusual.

The "normal" white has nothing to do with albinism.
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Yeah, I figured normal white wasn't albino, but it was something I was curious about. Everyone seems so smart about genes and things, thought I would ask. Sorry for the little hijack.
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There is a form of albino that is white with blue eyes, and it is recessive. I believe it's fairly rare.
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