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Passing on a message about a special needs kitty...

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I frequent a vegetarian messageboard, and in the companion animals forum, one of the members has posted the following:

One of the half-wild cats at work ended up having 3 kittens under some garbage.

About 3 weeks later, the half-wild mother cat disappeared. After several days, my wife and I rescued some half-starved kittens. We still haven't seen the mother cat, and she's presumed dead.

Two of the kittens were bottle-fed for about a week, transitioned to dry cat food, and given away.

The third kitten had a severe infection and scarring due to some accident. The damage has resulted in him losing most of his ear. The infection was so bad that it was doubtful he would survive.

After being partially shaved, having the absess lanced, being on antibiotics, and being dewormed, the kitten is much better, but he's still pretty fugly. He also has fleas and is too young (5 weeks) to be treated for them.

So, how do you find a home for an ugly, flea-ridden kitten? I already have 2 cats, I do not have the room or the time for a third cat.

Included are a few pictures of the cat. Part of the area around his ear has been shaved, and it looks like he's regrowing hair on most of it.
Here are the links to the pictures he posted:

I offered to crosspost it here for him in hopes that someone might be able to help find a home for this poor baby. He is in Tennesee and is willing to drive up to a few hours to meet someone if needed.

If you want to be put in contact with this person, feel free to PM me or just pop on over to the abovementioned forum. I hope it's not inappropriate for me to mention/link another forum here, if I need to remove the links I'm happy to do so, I'm just trying to help this guy find a home for this poor kitty.
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What a little cutie!! I see nothing wrong with him!
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Getting rid of fleas is not hard. Tell them to bathe him in Dawn Dish soap maybe twice and then sit down and flea comb and pick all the rest of them out.

You can probably get a small dosage from the vet for flea meds, I would do the bath thing first though especially if you can't.
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