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Calling home when away, good or bad?

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I take my Madison with me most times when we travel, even camping. Harness and leash and she loves it! She is used to my Mother in laws house and is there a lot when I stay over.

Recently our family went on a vacation and I was unable to take her with me, or leave her with Mom in law as they came with. I called home and "Talked" to her over the phone on the second day as she seemed sad according to the house sitter. She licked the phone, rubbing her face against it and meowed, but it seemed to help. She seemed happier and cuddled with the house sitter like she does at night with me. When I got home, she loved on me for a half hour straight.

Last week, I helped my dad deliver my brothers truck to CA. He came back from his tour of duty in the Persian Gulf/He is Navy. Maddie couldn't come with, and my husband and daughter were away. She was with my mother in law, and was acting funny, grouchy and aloof. I called her the 2nd day again, but this time with different results. She licked the phone, rubbed, and meowed, than went to the door, batting at the door knob, crying for it to be opened. Did she think I was there? Was the reasurance more harmful than good? I wanted her to know I was still around, and hadn't abandoned her, but I think it just confused her, made her think I was coming in the door?

Anyone else with similar or different results?
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I bought an answering machine (we already have voicemail thru Verizon) so that I can call my kits! And I put my grandson on the "speaker phone" when he calls from San Diego! They love to address affection to the phone, but sometimes JC will go to the door, too, when he hears my grandson - I think that he wants me to "go get him already". It seems to help my crew - there seems to be less "hurt feelings" when I return, esp. JC. If I don't call, I become invisible to JC when I return. He can't even hear or smell me and can't feel my touch...at least till he feels I've had enough
I think that it is soooo cool that you take Maddie with you, even camping!! I had some friends who took their cat backcountry hiking - it helped that the cat's best friends were 2 Queensland heelers - that cat hiked well protected.
BTW, congratulations on your brother's return Stateside
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Thanks for your reply. Maddie turned out to have one of her broken canines that is scheduled for root canal on the 30th come alive and it was hurting her pretty badly. She started growling and hissing at all things,alive or not. When I got home I realized she was hurting and took her in for pain meds. She is doing ok now, though I think she may have a slight infection. Kinda yucky breath, and warm ears every now and than. I will check with the vet this morning, may need to go on antibiotics before the surgery.
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Oliver gets MISERABLE whenever I'm away... even if only over night or for a few hours! Like the other day, my mom and I took the dog for a walk and my dad was at the shore house with Oliver, when we got back, my dad said as soon as we had walked down the steps, Oliver started howling for me! When I go away and can't take him, I do tend to call whoever's watching him and talk to him... I think that although it may confuse him a little, it's also reassuring like "mama isn't gone forever, still loves you and will be back soon!" I unfortunately don't have a land line in my apartment, so I can't call and leave him messages on the answering machine if he's in my apartment by himself... but no matter how long I've been gone, I always get TONS of lovin when I get back!
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