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I am so happy I just had to chare this.

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I am so happy. I jsut had to chare this with you so I moved it to a new thread.
Sunday I saw the first sign signs of Chlamydia again on the older kittens. We can't wait with treatment for the cat-garden to be build. I called the vet and he prescribed the same antibiotics as for the young ones. Now it was just to find a way to give it.
The cats - also the mamas - has been progressing fast in their socialization lately so this was really a set back but then we had an idea.
I was preparing meat in the kitchen and suddenly I had the five shy cats closer than I never had before (willingly). I threw them some small pieces and they went crazy about it.
Every evening since Friday we have made a routine of threwing raw meet to the cats. By now I have the two tame ones hanging in my pants while I prepare it and two of the shy ones and one of the mothers are eating from my hand.
Wednesday we had the antibiotics and I smashed it and put it inside the meat. My husband has allways done a lot of sports and when he trews something it ends up where he aims so it was his job to provide the right piece to the right cat. One kitten ate her antibiotics fine and the to mamas finished theirs in a blink
The other two kittens smelled the antibiotics though and that was a set back. Then I thought about tona, which has a stronger smell than meat - and it worked. Now it is just six eevenings to go.
It takes two people thoug since some one has to keep the others away while the right cat eat the correct dosis of antibiotics.
Please keep your fingers crossed that it keeps working. This way I won't need to use force.
Yesterday one of the scared kittens walked all the way to my husband and put her paw on his hand to ask for more candy. Later I could pet her when she was sleeping. She just opened her eyes and looked at me, closed them again and enjoyed.

If you want to see them; http://photos.yahoo.com/paulvansintjan
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They are so cute! The pic of the red tabby baby lying on his back waving his paw is just toooo adorable. Rub his little kittybelly for me.
I just went back and looked at all the pics of the 2 tabby boys. The one of both of them yawning is priceless. I am so envious of your precious little twins.
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I'll be praying that your technique continues to work - throwing the meat is a great idea Good thing that your husband has a good aim
I really enjoyed the pics - what a lovely group of happy, healthy, confident kittens! You are doing a very good job with them! Bless you for all your wonderful caring
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It was not that easy the third evening but finally we had them all. We had to hide the antibiotics in tona and cover the tona with raw meat. Three days done and four to go. Please keep sending your good wishes. I so want to get rid of this nasty disease and be able to just realx and enjoy our big family.
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You are doing so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sending you "Keep eating the meat kitty!" vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they are SO adorable! I LOVE that little red tabby - I've never seen one that color before. Scritches to them all from me.

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