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May have found our new addition :)

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My daughter and I have been checking out the local foster homes in our area in search of a rescued cat we can take home for my husband. His orange tabby dissapeard over a month and a half ago now, and he is ready to find another cat who needs our familys love and home.

We made the appointments and visited all the cats, and have pretty much set our eyes on the one my husband described wanting. He is coming home (he is a fishing guide and is away 6 days, home 1 for a month or so) Sunday to go visit with the cats at two foster homes and make the decision.

He wanted a cat that was outgoing, not shy around other people, was on the "chunky" side (He likes the thicker tom cat type body), and he prefered a boy.

We found all that and more in a kitten whose mom died and left him and his 4 other siblings on a farm. The foster family took them in and all but Max (this will be his name if my husband chooses him) and his brother have been adopted. I would like to be able to take them both, but we have two already. 3 of us, 3 cats. A good balance. Max is a white and black, more white than black, boy, who can't hold still until he's worn himself out, has a pur like a harley davidson motor that goes nonstop, and he came right up to us, playing puring sniffing etc. We think he will get along with my Madison like they grew up together. Max is 3 months old, Maddie 1 year and 3 months. Both have the same friendly personality and play modes. Maybe they will leave our 7 year old sass to herself? Who knows? Trying not to get my hopes up, but have already fallen in love.

Should I feel guilty that we didn't go the Humane society/shelter route? Fostered cats and kittens could end up there one day too right?
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How exciting!! By adopting a foster, you will free up space in the foster parent's home to bring home another cat from a shelter, so you are still helping out a shelter kitty! You might consider getting the brother, too, yes, 3 people, 3 cats, but hey, you all have TWO hands, right!!
Sending prayers and vibes that this pans out for you Susan
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It's official, my husband looked at the foster cats available in Tillamook, and like we thought, Max was the kitten he wanted.

We brought him home on August 27th, my birthday and he is fitting right in.

I will post some pictures later this week.
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Oooh! Pics! Now!
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A wonderful update, and some pictures.

We did adopt Max, as said above, and we love him!!! He is everything we wanted, but we kept thinking about his brother. I took Max with me and my daughter to Clackamas for Madisons last surgery. (three canine root canals and two additional teeth pulled, and lower jaw wire removed, she's healing great and is almost back to herself) He was still too new to be left home to his own devices . Still in the water bottle squirt training stage. He was fed on counters at his foster house, so getting on the table and into my plants are his favorite no no's. The water bottle is such an amazing and effective training tool, immediate consequence that comes from the action in the moment, and does not require yelling or spanking. We find that the cat sees the table, or the plant as the source of the water, and by the time he figures out it's us with the bottle, he's pretty much trained.

At any rate, in Portland, my in'laws fall in love with Max, and we are convinced that they would love Max's brother, who is still at the foster home. We took him over to Clackamas Tuesday of this week, and roo fit right in. Mom in law wanted a cuddle cat, and got a very independant wiry don't touch me cat instead when she adopted form the humane society last year. They love him, but it didn't fill moms need for a cuddler. This time, she has the cat she wanted, and he loves Clifford, the resident cat They got along from the first sniff. They named him roo, because he likes to sit up and look over things like a kangaroo, with front paws bent, and tail balancing him. The first night, mom and law spent at least 2 hours in her chair with Roo in her lap. The best part, is that Max gets to see his brother when we visit!

Here are some pictures of Max (Black and white) and Roo (Black)

This is Max with my daughter during a visit at the foster home.

This is Roo, with my friend on the way to Clackamas.
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Aw, I just love happy endings, and loving homes for two adorable brothers couldn't be much more happy!
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Awww they are both adorable, best of luck with them...glad you mom in law got her cuddle cat...I love cuddle cats!!!
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