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Horrifying News Story

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Man Arrested for Burning Kitten on Grill

LIBERTY, Missouri (AP) -- A man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly burning a kitten on a barbecue grill as several other people stood around and watched in amusement.

A witness pulled the scorched, 7-week-old tabby from the hot coals, but it was severely injured and had to be put to death, police said.

"They kept saying, `Meow, meow,' and they were poking at it with a stick," said Sherry Scott, who burned her hand grabbing the kitten.

Charles C. Benoit, 24, was charged with animal abuse, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. He was jailed on $10,000 bail.

Jim Roberts, spokesman for the Clay County prosecutor's office, said he does not expect anyone else to be charged, because no witnesses could identify the others.

Scott said that on Friday night, she saw 10 or 12 people at the barbecue grill in the courtyard of the apartment complex where she lives. Scott said she asked what they were cooking, and they said it was a cat. She said the group taunted her, daring her to rescue the cat.

She said the group scattered when she threatened to call police. She said she pulled the kitten from where it had been shoved into the coals at the back of the grill. Its tail, whiskers, fur, eyes and throat were scorched.

"I called him Lucky because I thought I got him out of there just in time," she said.

Scott said she and other residents stayed up Friday night trying to nurse the kitten with an eye dropper of milk. But animal control officers decided that because of its respiratory injuries and inability to swallow food, it had to be destroyed.

"If you would have seen him, you would have cried," said Sheri Simpson, one of the residents who helped care for the kitten.

(Picture of the kitten attached...WHO ARE THESE MONSTERS???)
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I'd like to do a little barbequing of my own. The fact that people were watching and doing nothing makes me even angrier. I hope he goes to jail and becomes somebody's wet nurse.
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That is so freakin' retarded!! I'd kill those :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:s if I could get my hands on them. That poor kitty. I can't believe people can be so cruel to poor helpless animals. That lady who saved the kitten is one brave soul. I hope they find out who did this and throw them all in jail!
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I am putting this very sad story into the SOS lounge. This poor kitten deserved so much better.
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It horrifies me to read that! I believe people like that are truly EVIL and I can't imagine getting a group of that many people together that would do such a thing!!!! I hope it comes back around to ALL of them ten-fold!

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There just are not words to express the anger I feel right now. This is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty I know of. The mocking "meow, meow" breaks my heart. There's something even more cruel when one thinks of the innocence and harmlessness of a kitten. If these people don't go to prison there's something terribly wrong with the judicial system. I know that the minimum charge for killing a dog (for no good reason) is five years in some states. I hope he has to pay the full price, financially and sentence, as charged, along with the witnesses who cheered him on. Believe it or not, I am not a vindictive person. However, I'd like to know the outcome of this case. Please post if you see a follow-up.
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That is just sickening. What an angel that lady is. She may not have saved that little furbabe, but she saved it from a lot of suffering. God, I want to cry.

All I can say is Karma is a bitch. I firmly believe that what you do comes back to you threefold. These people should burn.
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Having read my post, I'm sure many of you are thinking that I don't know about the hundreds of zoo animals who have been abused, the roosters in :censor::censor::censor::censor: fights, or the dogs used in dog fights. Yes, the numbers are far worse, and bulls are treated horrendously in bull rings. What affected me so badly was the fact that these were young adults gathered in a back yard getting their entertainment from the cries of a baby!
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this is horrible! how could some people be so cruel?!?
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All I can say is someday Satan will be poking these people with a big stick while they are burning in hell, and I hope he says.."Meow Meow"

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This is SO gisgusting, it makes me feel sick to my stomach.... how CAN people do this?? Do they have no human feelings whatsoever?? It just angers me soooo much, I hope they get theirs..
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I just hope they never have children. If they can do that to a kitten, just imagine how they will treat a crying infant.

May they burn in hell (or in prison) for what they did.
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I hate this story. I read it this morning and I can't stop crying about it. I too hope those a**holes burn in hell.

I can't stand to think that this sort of thing goes on. My babies are spoiled and loved constantly. I hate that man and his "buddies".

The sad thing is nothing will probably even happen to him. The courts and laws for animals in wrong. Something needs to be changed. GOD... I can't stand that this happend. That poor little baby kitty. That poor woman who had to see this. She should get a medal!
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Oooops. Sorry, I had posted a thread about this today. Didn't realise there was a thread already posted.

Sorry for the double-news. Actually, in my paper, there was only a short write-up without any real details.

This is such a heart-breaking, infuriating story....
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i do not know if this is the place to do this, and i do apologize if it is incorrect of me, but for all of you who were mortified at that story (rightly so, i might add), please do some research on the internet on what goes on to billions of other equally innocent, equally cute, and equally capable of loving animals in the US. you can start at since this was a baby cat that was tortured so terribly and the plight of calves is closely related.
i could go on for hours, but, like i said, i don't think this is the right forum. i just know that many people don't know of the exact cruelties that go on, but are disgusted when they learn.

i am truly sorry if i overstepped my boundaries.

steph, lucky mum of delph and josie
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Tarnikhouse - a major reason why I am a vegetarian!
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I am not a vegetarian, but I will not eat lamb or veal, simply because they are babies.
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He claims he is "Innocent" You know what? So was that poor kitten!

News story
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hissy, thanks for posting the update!

I know our system is "innocent until proven guilty", but that guy just LOOKS like he did it!!
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I'm so sorry for that poor little kitten. Just give me ten minutes with the S.O.B and I'll make him pay I'm not a violent person, but people like that do not deserve to live on this beautiful planet and if I had my way he'd be hung.
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I've got access, to asphalt trucks. This guy deserves to be dropped into one of the hoppers and poked with sticks.
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I double posted this as well. I'm so shocked. I really hope your justice system really nails this guy and he doesn't get away with it. If anyone get's further updates, please post them.

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The woman who saved the kitten and reported the incident has been fielding threatening phone calls ever since the news story appeared. Her story can be read in the Liberty Sun News. This is the link to her story:
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Jeanie, your research skills are amazing! Thank you for this!

The HSUS response to e-mail has been encouraging. Their Investigations Dept. will be working with the prosecutor to help seek a felony conviction. Please contact the Prosecuting Attorney to thank him and respectfully ask that he fully prosecute this case and seek a felony conviction. The address is as follows:

Don Norris
Clay County Prosecutor
Prosecutor's Office
111 South Water Street
Liberty, MO 64068
Phone # 816-792-7657
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There will be a Juvenile Animal Cruelty Open House, in Tucson tomorrow. There will be lectures and info, from law enforcement.

The local paper printed the following statistics:

76% of animal cruelty offenses are committed by males (90% of those involve intentional cruelty and dogfighting.)

48% of rapist and 30% of child molestors committed acts of animal cruelty as children or adolescents.

71% of abused women report that their batterers have threatened to hurt/kill their pets and have done so, while 32% of battered women with children report that their children have hurt or kiled pets.

80% of homes in which animal control agencies found abused/neglected pets there had been pevious investigations by child welfare agencies of physical abuse and neglect.

Most teen schoolyard shooters were abusing animals months or even years prior to their killing sprees on school campuses. Likewise, many serial killers including Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and Albert DeSalvo (the Boston Strangler) abused, tortured or mutilated animals as youth.

A Masachussetts SPCA study showed that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes than nonabusers.

The typical animal abuser is a male of average intellignce with an early history of antisocial behavior, with a childhood history that is likely to include gross neglect, brutality, rejaction and hostility.

Source: Humane Society of the United States.
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I'm glad the city of Tucson is giving this problem the attention it deserves. Thanks for posting this, Cindy.
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Sending blessings for that poor little tabby. For during her short life she was not treated well and I feel so sorry that this was her first experiences in our world. May the world be kinder, gentler--and more understanding. She is at peace in heaven now.

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