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Question -Need Help Please - Cat Herpes

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Actually I have two questions.

1. Do you expose your cat with Herpes to other cats in your household who have been vaccinated?

2. What dosage of Lysine do you give the cat daily? My cat weight six and a half pounds. The vet has told me to give her a 500 mg. tablet crushed with wet food two times a day. This seems like a lot for a small cat. Please give me your experience with dosing with lysine.

And thanks.
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I used a paste in a syringe that gave a premeasured dose of 1ml, but I don't know how many mgs that came out to. I do remember that the paste was much more expensive than pills. Here's a link that gives you info on what I was using.

Yes, I did leave Cliffie with the other cats. The vet *suspected* herpes when we first got him because he was so sick, but it turned out not to be.
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I give Gizmo paste L-lysine twice a day. I put a fingerful in her mouth directly behind her front teeth.
L-lysine is a food product, is harmless, and cannot be overdosed.
As for Feline Herpes, it is highly contagious if the cat is shedding viruses, A stressed cat will be more likely to shed them than a happy cat.
If your other cats are vaccinated they presumably are immune, but call your vet to be sure.
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Dosage wise from what I've heard is to use 1000mg during an outbreak of symptoms (i.e weepy eye, sneezing etc) and 500 mg/day maintenence dose. My Rambo refuses to eat the lysine mixed into his i'm working on alternatives to get it into him.

Where did you guys get the paste version?
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I got the paste from my vet. I open Gizzy's mouth and scrape off a big fingerfull right behind her tiny upper teeth. She licks her lips and makes little sounds even though she protests when I carry her to the sofa for her meds!

I have a high backed sofa with a vertical side. Gizmo sits next to me, myarm goes aroud her, and opens her mouth; and the other one gives her the meds.
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I got something from my vet called Viralys (not exactly sure on the Spelling), I use a suringe to give it to Jordan. My vet never said anything about keeping Jordan separate from the rest, but she only suspected that he has it in his eyes by the description I gave her. She had told me 500 mg 1 x a day, but that may have been the maintenance dose.
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My vet told me that lysine was an amino acid and would not hurt the cat. He said sometimes they get upset stomach and to watch for that. Anyway this am, I gave Mattie 500 mg. I bought some wet food, just 9 Lives, and mixed the crushed powder into about a teaspoonful of the food. She gulps it down and then I feed her the dried food that she loves. I moved her cat cage to my back porch, which is screened in. My other two cats come on the porch to eat in their cat carriers. I am trying to introduce them to each other without any cat fights. Need healing vibes for Matties eye, and calming vibes for her being nervous. This morning she just hissed and growled while the other two cats were on the porch. I am hoping we can work this thing out so they will learn to like each other. The vet did tell me that my two vaccinated cats would more than likely be okay, but I wanted opinions and experience from you guys as to how you have dealt with this situation in your households. Thanks
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Originally Posted by Renny View Post
Dosage wise from what I've heard is to use 1000mg during an outbreak of symptoms (i.e weepy eye, sneezing etc) and 500 mg/day maintenence dose. My Rambo refuses to eat the lysine mixed into his i'm working on alternatives to get it into him.

Where did you guys get the paste version?
you can get the maple-flavored gel here
& the paste here - i've never gotten it, don't know the flavor
you can also get lysine caps at the health food store & make up your own 'compound', maybe with some broth? - definitely the least expensive way to go
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hi! i have a cat with herpies and know the medications that the doctor can admnister for the herpies to stop effecting your cat and keep him or her happy...

obviously "Viralys", which to me tastes like syrup (yellow)
another medication my cat is administered is TERRAMYCIN eye jelly/ goops to soothe the scarring of the cornea which causes the yellowish or green discharge.
one other thing i was given was AMOXI or AMOXICILLIN which comes in a small bottle and is a pink liquidy type medication that smells like bubble gum

herpies in cats is most usually brought up by heat in the area of which they live, or acute stress of the cat. (just from my experience) these medictions will only suppress the symptioms, like our herpies i guess...

hope it helps... talk to your vet before getting these!
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Melody has herpes and I give her 500mg of Lysine once daily. I get a bottle of capsules from the local health food store-I think it is 500 capsules for something like $11. Pretty cheap and it works great! I place it in her wet food at night and she never even knows it is there and it sure beats crushing pills! Mel will not take the paste or gel and there is also an eye drop specailly made for herpes that you can get call Idoxuridine drops that work great for breakouts but it is pretty pricey and does not have a very long shelf life. As far as having other cats in the household and worrying if they will get it-as you can see we have a few others and not one of them has come down with it yet-from what I understand the others would have to be constantly be licking Melodys tears and since she is somewhat anti-social when it comes to them it is not too much of a problem for me.
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My BoBo had herpes when we rescued him as a baby 2 years ago - his eyes were really bad, plus he had a large sore on his tongue. We treated him with amoxicillin, and he's been living with all of our other kitties since about day 5. He's had a few very mild episodes, mainly just eye runniness, since then, but they are short lived and no one else has gotten sick. Of course the way this week has been, I better knock on wood!! We tried lysine (I tried mixing it in with food) and no one would touch it. So I tried making a paste - still no luck. I gave up on it, but we seem to be OK.
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I give my Muddy 2-1ml doses of the lysine paste each day. He loves it so much that he will trip me up and herd me to the counter where he gets it. He gets the Enisyl-f, it costs about $8 a tube and on prevention, it lasts about a week.

When herpes is active, you will give them mega-doses of lysine to get it under control. My vet told me I could go as high as 1500-2500 a day with Muddy (10 pounds) when he is in a flare up. Some cats simply don't respond to it at all and some do very well. Even when the disease is not acting up, the recommendation is to give them 500 mg a day - basically 1/2 a pill twice a day as preventative maintenance.

The paste is expensive, but Muddy is wise and avoids medicine crushed in his food and absolutely HATED the pills. He turned from my best bud to hiding under the bed when I tried to give him the pills orally (they are horse-pill size).
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Teddy takes 1000mg daily right now (since he's having problems), and 500mg for maintenance when he's well. He gets 500mg of a powder mixed in with wet food twice a day.

I use capsules from a local natural food store that you can just open up and mix with the food - the company that produces the capsules is Solgar. I'm able to mix it complete with wet food and Teddy has no problems eating it at all!
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Pixel is such a pain to medicate that i only dose her during a flare-up. she refuses to eat wet food with or without the lysine in it, so i use the gel when she needs it. she hasn't had a flare-up for about 6 months now. as long as her stress level is low, she does ok. with my luck, she wouldn't like the enisyl paste either - she doesn't like anything kitties usually like. my others love all the stuff i've bought to try & tempt her - baby food, fancy feast, cod liver oil, people tuna, etc - but not Pixel!
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I had no idea cats get herpes. Is it the same virus we get? can we get it from them? If they have a vaccine for it, why don't we?
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