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Bombay Cats?

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I am a huge black cat lover and recently heard about Bombay's. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this breed? I never even heard of them until the other day... are the reconized as a breed? if so can anyone name some reputable catteries?
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I've never heard of them but I found this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombay_(cat)

They seem pretty loving!
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They are very beautiful cats, we have never owned one....but someday we will. Its just a full house with all that we have now and another on the way later this fall. Here is a link to some breeders

Winter Hawk

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Yep, I should know since I've been showing cats for a long time

Bombays are a legit breed - they originated from the burmese and black american shorthair. Shawnee Cattery started them. They originally had many top quality burmese. The breeder was interested in creating a black cat with copper penny eyes that was built like the burmese...thus the bombay was born.

Its very similar to the burmese but comes only in the color black. In the description its noted that eye color should be "bright copper - like a new penny". I think temperment wise, they are closer to the burms.

I don't know any breeders but you could do research on the Shawnee Cattery and go from there. Shawnee cats are really very good cats too
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Hi I recently joined this forum to promote my breed of choice:

The Bombay!

Check out our recently updated Bombay HP.

Here you will find all the info you could possibly need for the
breed and links to most (with homepages that is)
breeders that are now active.


Have fun

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