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For those of you with Tuxedo cats

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I was wondering I have a friend with 2 tuxedo cats and they love water they will sit in the tub with her and the shower like everyday. Is this true for all of them or are her cats the exception? Thanks in advance!!
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Reilly isn't totally against water per se... But she's not real fond of it either. When she has a bath she doesn't fit us or cry. Just sits there...
Anyone else have input on this?
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Mooch likes it. But then so does Noodles. Tiger was scared stiff of it!
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256 View Post
Reilly isn't totally against water per se... But she's not real fond of it either. When she has a bath she doesn't fit us or cry. Just sits there...
Anyone else have input on this?
Marishka is actually the same way. Now, a cat classified just as tuxedo is just based on fur, right? I wonder what the link is between water and certain fur pattern...coincidence?

Neat, still...
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Monty will get wet only if there is some benefit in doing so. I've seen him dunk his head under the faucet to reach food on a plate before it is washed away. But, he just tolerates it. I've never seen him enjoy water, but then, he is a Katrina kitty..
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Eh. Raphael would rather not do the water thing.
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My black and white tux babies hate water, lol and so do my two grey and white "suit" babies lol
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Oliver drinks out of the faucet and doesn't mind getting a little wet: I don't think he'd ever want to go swimming or anything like that, though! Emma, on the other hand, thinks water is battery acid!
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I have two tuxedos of my own, Toby and Grace, neither of which want anything to do with water. Our clinic tuxedo cat, Sunshine, doesn't seem to be fond of it either. However, my orange tabby Rusty likes to stand with his front feet completely in the water dish. He isn't getting a drink...he just stands there for awhile and then when he's done, jumps up and makes wet pawprints on your pants. The only cat who would ever get in the tub with me was Buddy, a brown-black tabby who passed two years ago at age eighteen. I don't know that I've ever identified any particular trait to a certain color of cat, although *I* seem to have some kind of fascination with black kitties.
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Merlyn likes to sleep in the sink but if the water gets turned on even the tiniest bit, she's out like a shot!
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Both of mine love the water. They actually seem to look forward to having a bath. They have no problem with being in the tub when it's full.
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I have a long haired tuxedo kitty, Madison, and she HATES bath, I liked the referance to battery acid above. She is howerver facinated with watching water. When I shower, she gets between the outer curtain, and the inner clear curtain and watches the water bead down the curtain. She plays in the water trickle of the sink, and once, only once, she dipped and swayed the tip of her tail in my bath water. Of course that was before she was hit by a car and needed two baths in two weeks to clean her fur until she figured out how to use her mouth and tounge to clean herself again.
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My RB kitty, Willy, who was a tuxedo, loved rolling around in the bathtub after I showered. He also liked to hang over the edge of the tub when I took a bath and play in the water.

My little tuxedo girl, Gracie, isn't interested in the bathtub, but she loves water nonetheless, even after falling in the toilet as a kitten. She'd splash around in the toilet bowl if I'd let her.l Instead, she curls up in the bathroom sink waiting for me to turn the water on. She drinks from the faucet, but mostly plays with the water and doesn't mind it dripping on her at all.
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Cosette used to LOVE sitting on the edge of the tub while I showered when she was a she's too busy terrrorizing her sister.
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05 View Post
Oliver drinks out of the faucet and doesn't mind getting a little wet: I don't think he'd ever want to go swimming or anything like that, though
My Oliver is the same way!
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My two don't really like water, although Sophie usually drinks with her paw.
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while Pixel has definite water preferences [likes it cold, fresh, running, with ice, etc.] she does NOT want to be in it.

[i'm thinking i contributed to her recent UTI because i had put off cleaning the fountains. i cleaned them really well the other night - took me almost an hour - & she has been drinking much more... bad meowmy ]
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My Tiggy is fascinated with water, as long as he doesn't have to get in it. My other 3 avoid it at all costs, other than to drink!
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Bakker likes drinking out of esp one of the toilets, the faucet in the big bathroom-she will lay in sink too but not he's a big to big for that. He comes running when I start to fill the bathtup and sometimes sits up on the tub deck.
Sheba was the best though when I took a bath-she would use me as an island to get to the other side vs walking around the tub!!
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My tuxedo cat, Max, loved the water. He slept in the bathroom sink and would not get out when you turned on the water to wash hands. He would get in the shower with me and stand there until he got satisfied, then he left. He always had to get his water from drinking at the bathroom sink or tub. He loved the water. I love all my cats, and all your cats too. But I am partial to tuxedo cats. Max was the smartest cat I have ever seen. I think smartness is a "tuxedo trait"
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My tuxedo Uno loves water. She is fasinated with the shower, toilet and the sinks. I don't think it is a Tuxedo thing as she has taught her two kittens and they are now just like her and they are both grey tabby and white.
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My Carmen loves watching little fishes in the fish tank swirling around.

All of my black and tuxedo cats love water. It used to be we cannot flush a toilet in peace.
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My Twiggy doesn't really like water but lately she has been sitting in the sink, which has a drippy faucet.

My other cat LOVES to drink out of the faucet, so I wonder if she pciked it up from him.

Twiggy is a tux cat and Newbie is a tabby.
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My two B&W Tuxedo girls, Lucy and Ethel, could not care one bit less about water. Lucy might get in the shower with me, if not for the sprinkles, because she follows me everywhere else.

Gone-but-not-forgotten B & W tuxies Jelly and Pudley were also NOT fond of water.

On the other hand, our silver tabby Izzy loves it and plays in the sink. Our brown tabby Ricky Bobby uses his polydactyl paws to shovel the toilet water onto the floor and himself when he finds the opportunity.

Finally, my dearly departed Elvis, grey tabby tuxie, would sit on the side of the tub and threaten to hop in with me. He poked around with his paws, but I was afraid he would shred me if he ever really got in!

I suppose it is a personality thing, not a color/pattern issue. It is interesting how many kitties do like or don't mind water - kind of throws cold water on that myth, huh?
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