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What is he thinking?

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Ok, I got a 8-10 week old kitty last night. Right now he's looking around, wiggling his hips and jumping, wiggling his shoulders and laying down. When I lay down he comes up to me and constantly meows. What is he trying to tell me? his food and water bowls are full and his litter is just fine. He tends to follow me around as well. hes not being as playful as he was when we first got him.
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he's letting you know your his mother now and folowing you around will go on for a while.
Try some wet food. maybe the people before you had him fed him wet food.

but i bet its just him adjusting.

I have a tiny kitten at home who gives me a few meows ever time he makes his way onto my lap.

and him pouncing like he does is normal. its how they play. Mikey my two year old cat does it too when playing.
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well i got him from a pet store/vet place. from what i saw it wasnt wet food. but i do notice he shakes his head when he's eating his food.
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It sounds to me like he's inviting you to play. Especially when you are lying down. Can't you just hear him say, "Come on, you big cat-with-no-fur! Let's play a game!"?
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Lots of cats "kill" their dry food by shaking their heads "viciously" after taking a bite. My Chay does it, and its hilarious to watch! Messy too.
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I agree - he is telling you that you're his mama now.
We have five kittens and their two mamas at home. One of them I bottle-fed for a week when he was parted from his mama. He does the same thing as your kitten when I come home from work. I think he is saying - I missed you and i need to be with you for a while. If I just spend ten to twenty minutes with him he will go back to the other kittens and play again.
He also does it in the evenings when everyone is going to bed. For some strange reson he doesn't sleep with the other kittens and if he feels lonely he calls for me. I have to go and pick him up and take him with me to bed. He usually stays an hour, purring under my cover, and then he goes back to the place he has chosen in the bathroom.
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haha, kittens are soooo cute!!!! I just melt when I think of a kitten with their huge big round eyes and that adorable little play face expression that they get and leaping all over the place trying to play, hehe
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another thing. it likes to lay by me, specifically my feet and then it likes to either claw on my clothing/feet or try and nip on them. is that normal?
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Yes, that is normal! It's kitty playing!

I would say that most of us know the fun of having our toes bitten throughout the night!
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Yes, he's asking you to play with him.

I would recommend a Kitten Mitten or just a ball of paper wadded up. He needs short, frequent play sessions. He is a baby after all and you are now Mommy.
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