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Clomicalm for FHS????

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Hello I am new here, great site btw!!!
My Kitty Bubbles has just recently been diagnosed with feline Hyperestesia Syndrome, and like one of the other members here it has been a major drag not to mention very stressful on all of us...We have him on the allergy food diet/tests now for 2 weeks, we've tried Dexazone, prednozone, I've changed his litter to dust free, changed his food dishes from plastic to glass, invested in an air purifier..hes had 2 of 3 advantage multi treatments against ALL parasites. Hes been cut off all treats except for pill pockets as theres sodium in these pills and impossible to give him manually at this point so I am cheeting a little on the allergy tests but its for a good cause..also he had a neurological physical exam at the vets and that was ok as was his blood tests..so we still don't know what is bugging him and have not yet got this thing under control...he isn't hurting himself that I know of, but hes over grooming like hes got bugs all over him and hes trying frantically to get them off...and he runs and hides and won't let me near him (worse case scenario)

Browsing the net one day i googled feline hyperestesia syndrome and boom! There was a post from this girl from here in dire straights trying to get answers....so i decided that after all this nothing seems to give him releif, so right now we're trying what that other girl I met here is giving her Boo that is working for her since they're symptoms are very similar....which is the clomicalm 5 mgs 1 x a day...its been 2 and a half days and I thought it was working but i was wrong cause he was at it again all nite last night and all day today, that is when he wasn't/isn't sleeping...
I have found that it also helps if i cover him (head and all) under his blankey, seems to me he may have a over sensitivity to light at times....but it calms him rite down to sleep sometimes
My question is does anyone here have any experience with FHS and or this drug CLOMICALM (which is used for dogs with separation anxiety and other behavioural probs)??? Or perhaps you may have some links you can share with me that may better help me help my only baby, Bubbles...hes only 14 months old and is a very good kitty cat othrerwise. I have noticed as well that hes going to the bathroom much less..once a day is the longest so far we've seen him not go...the vet is aware of it and said that this new med may cause him to retain his urine, so I am keeping a close watch on him...
and a great big THANK YOU to all who come here & post there stuff as it has saved me & Bubbles quite a bit of greif...
Blessings to all the cat peeps here as well as all your furry four legged feline babies, especially those that aren't well, my hearrt goes out to you especially...
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I use Clomipromine for my cat Casper, who has behavioral problems. (he's deaf, was abused prior to my getting him and doesn't know the meaning of litter box) I have it compounded because he's a terror to pill.

I have also noticed that he only urinates once or twice a day, but what seems to be a sufficient amount. Casper is still only about 80% on using the litterbox, but even that is an improvement. Prior to the Clomipromine I had him on Prozac, which worked well for about 6-8 months.

If I find anything that might be helpful I'll post links here for you and Bubbles.
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Rite onn Cinder Thanks a lot! This (clomicalm) is not the rite med for FHS, or hes having seizures I guess...oh man this is horrible, feels like I am getting no where with these freakin pills!..I had him on amitripyline (thought i did till i started finding pills all over the place that he didn't get) before but couldn't get the suckers in him, so we gave up on them coz these pills had sodium, since i discovered the pill pockets (they work amazingly) maybe I'll try them again...the clomicalm does too have the sodium in it....probably why they're so hard to give him/her...anyhow thanks a lot, I'll hang in & try something else...after i talk to the vet of course...
thanks again Cinder (nice name btw) all the best and glad that you have found some releif...
and again btw Bubbles did a big pee today Yay!
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Bubbles did a big pee today
Well, that's always good news.

I wanted to share a link I found. I'm not sure of the quality of the information, but it was interesting reading. It sounds like you've already addressed many of what they refer to as *toxic* overload factors, but maybe there's something new.

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