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Zaza, Brigitte and Babycheeks

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Here are my fiance's and my cats, in chronological order:
- Zaza, my first cat, she's 8 now, half Norwegian, half Angora;
- Brigitte, a British Blue, 2 years old, my fiance's cat;
- Babycheeks , the little Persian we bought a couple of days ago. She's seven weeks old and she is the best kitty we've ever seen!




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How cute! Welcome to TCS.
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Well dont you just have the cutest kitties !!!!!! All 3 of them are just precious !!!! How do ZaZa and Brigitte get along with that sweet Babycheeks ? Maybe someone here can tell you what coloring Babycheeks is to ........
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Oh, God forbid they lived together, Zaza is the most vicious feline in existence! She lives with my mum and dad, Brigitte lives in the UK with my fiance's parents and couldn't care less about humans, but little Babycheeks lives with us and is an absolute angel!!!!
Your cats look beautiful and very photogenic! Are they all the same breed? Sorry if that's a silly question, I don't know much about cat breeds at all... YET!
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Thank you ..... Mine are tabbys ... 2 are long hair ...... I found Easy as a pregnant stray and the rest are her babies all grown up....I know nothing about breeds either .... but Im hoping someoone will come by soon for your color question .....
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Ohhh they are all so beautiful!!! Best of luck with your new kitty!!
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Goodness, Brigette looks like she has cattitude!! And your little Babycheeks is soooo cute!
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Your kitties are beautiful!!!! I love their little faces! What cutie pies!!!
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They are just precious!!
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How cute are they!Love the one of Brigitte in the bowl And Babycheeks is a little princess!
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They are all simply darling!
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Awwww they sooooo cute!
Beautiful Zaza with green eyes!
Brigitte looks like Queen ( my favourite breed )
She adorable!
And little sweeeety cream persian girl..awww
i love her and her gentle color!!!
They all awesome!
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