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French vet update

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So at last I had a chance to take all five to the new french vet and they all got a clean bill of health and their papers stamped. The only thing that worried me was that he could hear a slight noise in Persil's breathing that he thought was related to the diaphragm operation when she was 6 months old. Wellington's asthma is much better here and he has only had three attacks in a month, compared to the almost daily ones in Sarajevo. The vet suggested I should decrease the medication even more and see what happens.

The biggest problem is the feral cat who lives on my land and is determined to kill any cat he sees as a rival. He is already quite friendly to me and will let me stroke him while he eats. But he flies at any cat and there have some terrible battles through the window glass! Persil is the worst for trying to get at him and gets her adrenaline so high that for hours after she will attack all the others and me. The vet says I must trap him and he will test him for all diseases and neuter him before I let mine out without harnesses. But today I discovered two feral kittens (3-4 weeks I think) plus mom in my barn. so I am not sure what to do now.

Other than that all is going well and I am really enjoying being here in Normandy!
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Jenny, your French vet sounds good - are you happy with him?

Excellent news about Wellington's asthma, he must be thoroughly enjoying the clean, fresh French air!

Good luck with the little Feral group! They certainly chose the right person to live near!
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Glad to hear all is going well with your babies healthwise!
About the feral cat, maybe he doesn't realize your cats are fixed? I've seen fertile cats virtually ignore fixed ones.
But Persil reminds me of Wawa. Neutered but still he does not like strange cats overstaying their visit.
Hope you solve the problem soon. Good luck!
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The vet seems fine so far, and I was impressed with the general facilities and look of the place. The receptionist was friendly, even when she had to type in all the details of five new cats with strange names! But Frontline cost me three times what it did in Sarajevo, so I guess I must get used to increased costs. I am pleased I have a year's supply of Prednizone with me for Wellington.

Napoleon escaped tonight when my 11 year old niece was walking him - she came rushing back to the house in tears as he had got through a barbed wire fence into the top field and she had had to let go of the leash. But he was sitting by the fence when I went out, looking rather scared. He came straight to me when I called him, obviously realising he was somewhere he shouldn't be. Next week I will trap the male feral and hope he is Ok so I can let them out without leashes.
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