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Holiday time

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Going anywhere nice this year?

I'm planning a long weekend to Naples. So if anyone has any hints or advice...... the must sees, the don't bothers, the best restaurants, etc

Or if you want to share where you are planning to go for your summer holiday ......
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No summer holidays for me! I don't have kids, so I let the people at work with kids take off time during the summer. I do have the 1st week of September off - I'll be going to the cottage. Hopefully in Novemebr hubby and I will treat ourselves to another trip to Huatolco (sp) Mexico! I loved it there last year! Maybe on a few weekends this summer we will hit the race track/casino.
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I'll have vacation time due, after next month. When my VA pension comes through, Bill and I will, probably, go to Vegas, for a few days.

He doesn't get paid vacations so, money is a consideration.
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Oh do I hear ya Cindy. My hubby doesn't get paid vacation either. Heck he doesn't even get any days off. If he takes a day off he doesn't get paid.

So, no vacation plans in the near future for me, unless hubby decides to go and look for a new job.
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I'm a teacher, so I've had the last month off. School starts again August 26 (with students). I have a literacy seminar next week, which I hope is interesting. I am getting a little antsy. I hope to get to Long Island to visit some friends in August, it depends on my fiance's schedule.

I think I should have taken a class or something this summer. I think I am looking forward to going back to school, can you believe it? I wanted to go in today and work on my new room--rearrange furniture, decorate, but the janitors are busy waxing floors and everything is chaos.
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Try and get over to Pompeii - only if you are going in the height of summer it might be a little too hot to spend all day wondering around. Also - take a trip to the Amalfi coast and see the amazing view of the Bay of Naples from the cliff-tops.

The only holiday I've got planned is an August bank-holiday weekend 'long' weekend in Dublin with hubbs and my brother. Both are serious Guiness afficionados.

So it'll be me with the Chardonnay and them with the 'black stuff'.

FlimFlam - being of Irish extraction, have you ever been to Dubliln - can you reccommend any sights/activities (apart from the inside of bars and the famous arm lift)

Can't wait though. Maybe later in the year hubbs and I will go to Italy. We always end up going to Italy - love the place to bits. Or maybe to Poland. He's never been there, and I'd love to show him historic Krakow.
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I'm another "no paid holiday" vitim - hubby is self employed so if he has a day off... no money.. But thankfully we are having a holiday anyway.... thinking of just nipping over to France for a week in September to stay in a private cottage..... I hope we can afford it!! (its kinda tough if we can't cos I WANNA GO!! :LOL: ) and then we have the Christmas break which hubby is forced to take off anyway... when we are going down to Cornwall again for a week
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Yola, That is it, I'm coming with you..... A friend has just moved to Dublin from Hong Kong (bit different), so we are planning a quick drinking visit in a month or so.

Pheonix Park is lovely to stroll around and for picnicing.

Go north to the seaside - Balbriggan has a lovely beach and a real old town feel to it or to Howth which has a great view of Dublin Bay (and great sea-food on offer). I think the DART (local train) gets you to Howth. In fact all the seaside towns to the north are lovely - Malahide, Skerries (my manor). If you go to Skerries you can go visit my family plot at the main church! That would be an entertaining hour or so, NOT! Or you could try and spot the local seals around the harbour.

I've always enjoyed just wandering around the city centre.

Naples - yes I am planning to go to Pompeii and to Herculeum, which are both meant to be wonderful. But we are also planning a lot of long lunches and "afternoons at leisure".

Thank-you for the advice.
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