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missys babies

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sorry i cant resist missys babies are 3 weeks now so i wanted to post some more pics
all 3 babies sleeping
miss smokey[IMG][/IMG]
and tabbitha
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Thank you for sharing! Oh I love kittens!
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Aww, they are so sweet with such pretty markings. I want to cuddle them!
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spotlina is the one who adores cuddles and love her belly rubbed i gave her a cuddle last night and was giveing her a belly rub and when i stopped she hissed at me so sweet
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Very cute and so cuddly!
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Never appologize for fur kitties !!!! The more the better!
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ive taken over 300 pics so far lol they are beautiful i love watching them they have there teeth coming through now and they are playing with each other and groom each other.
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Those kittens are just precious.........
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