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Help with Ringworm!!!!

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Hi. One of my kittens who is about 5 months old has ringworm. I actually just got him about a week in a half ago. We took him to the vet and he gave us some topical med. and oral med. I am just wondering how I can help prevent the spread of this to my other cat and my children? Also is it really hard to get rid of? Is it something that keeps coming back? Some of the websites I have read really worried me. They seemed so extreme like have to bleach everything or throwing it away, burning your vaccum cleaner bag after you vaccum things like that. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
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I would keep the kitten isolated from your children and cats for the time being. I would wash as much as you can but hopefully the spread isn't to bad. If one of you contract it, it is very easy to cure in humans, just OTC anti-fungal creams clear it up in no time. Healthy immune systems should not contract it. The adult cats and humans in the house are *probably* fine but you still want to play it safe.

If your children are really young tell them to let you know if they develop a really itchy spot. If they are older then their immune systems will probably handle it ok.

Wash your hands regularly especially around the cats.
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I contracted ringworm from my cats already, and it is very difficult to get rid of if you are not diligent. Do you know where the kitten got it, or did he come with it? If you know where it is from then you must first get rid of the source which can be a decaying tree or anything. How is your cats health? My cats had compromised immune systems, so I would wonder about your kitty. I guess just being young would make him more susceptible. As far as your house goes, wash all your towels and rugs, anything the cat touched with hot soap and water and whatever else has been recommended, you can't bleach everything. examine yourself and children for any perfect circular itchy spots. If you have it Go to your doctor and get a RX fungal cream, the over the counter will take forever. If you have a wool rug, or any organic floor coverings, or other materials, you can see if there is ringworm on them by using a black light. The fungus glows and you can treat it on the spot. I had to do all these things, it is a lot of work, but it is not the end of the world. You can eradicate it if you are diligent.
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I also contracted it because I did not use proper handwashing and scratched a bug bite. I think there are different degrees of ringworm though. Kittens usually have a weaker strain. My doctor would not prescribe me anything because she said one of the most powerful anti-fungals was OTC (can't remember the name)? And it cleared up no problem. But I might have had the weak kitten straing perhaps..
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I'm in the same boat, right now. Second time, actually....

I have 5 cats...3 of my own & 2 fosters. One foster has immune system problems, and she was the first to get it. I didn't notice it right away since she also had an ear infection & that is the only spot she lost hair. So, all my cats were exposed. They are being treated with Fulvicin liquid daily & Conofite cream. I did bring the ringworm home on me( or my sister did) from the shelter I volunteer for.

I have washed anything I can. I vacuum once a week. I bleach spray everything I can. I have considered getting a steam cleaner for the carpets & using bleach in it on the carpets. I will admit, I am not being as "clean freak" as some of the websites I found say I should be. I mop floors with bleach water, etc. I was concerned about the dogs getting it, so my vet reccomended an anti-fungal bath once.

I have found it is really easy to keep cats in a bathroom without a carpeted floor. I am keeping my two fosters in a bathroom, and I sweep/mop 3x a week. I also give them blankets to sleep on which get washed daily.

My sister has ringworm. She went to the dr. & the dr. told her to use Lamisil. It is much cheaper than getting an Rx, and it only takes 2 weeks.
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