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An all cat vet!!

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Wow! I can't believe I never looked in the phone book for vets before now! We have an all cat clinic. I called to get prices on a spay for Phantom and they are very reasonable. Only $85 and she stays over night and gets antibiotics there. They lady was super sweet on the phone too. She statred describing what my girl would need and she said "The baby will need to up to date on her shots and if she isn't we will administer them" Just that was a tip off to me that they really care about our kitties!! I am so excited. I am going to go in there this weekend to get Phantom her 2nd round of shots and scope them out before I make a spay appointment, they require her to be 5 months anyway!
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That's great! The only one I have seen before is about 2 hours away from me.
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That's phenominal, Phenomsmum! While our vet clinic isn't only kitties, the vet that my boys see there is a kitty specialist! I like the way when you go in, there is a kitty entrance and waiting room, and a doggy entrance and waiting room! All appropriately decorated!
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I can't believe how excited I am over this! I just think it wonderful! Did I mention its really close to home too! That means less car time for my girls!
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We go to a cat-only vet and I really wouldn't do it any other way. No dogs in the waiting room and the vets really know how to treat cats. I would definitely recommend checking out a cat-only practice if you have one near you!
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We go to an all-cat clinic, and it's just great. The vets are specialists, the place is completely feline-friendly (no dogs or other large animals allowed), and the decor is all cat-related (including a pair of live birds in a cage in one of the exam rooms). They also board cats, but I'm not sure of the fees as I've never had to put my kitties up there.

They know our cats really well: they know Spike has brain damage but is a real sweetheart, and they know Oz needs to lose weight and that he had a bad URI when he was a kitten. If we bring both cats in together to get their weight checked by the vet, we're only charged for one cat. And every visit we get free samples of things. What's more, the staff know us, too: when the receptionist called to schedule Spike's weight check, she mentioned that she had heard it was mine and my boyfriend's birthdays over the weekend and wanted to wish us a happy birthday -- she heard it on the radio and recognized our names! How neat is that?

Plus they never send mail addressed to my boyfriend and I -- they have a resident cat and all the mail "comes" from him, "addressed" to our cats. "Have your people call my people" is the usual message. I think that's just cute.
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We have one here too. The vet is really awesome as is her clinic. Unfortunately I don't use her because she is clear across town and fighting the traffic is a nightmare. The vets I use are only about 7 min. from my house and while I really like them too I would definitely switch if the kitty vet were closer.
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My vet is also cats only, and it is fantastic. It means less stress for Abby in the waiting room, and my vet is more up to date on feline procedures.
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Originally Posted by Mirinae View Post
Plus they never send mail addressed to my boyfriend and I -- they have a resident cat and all the mail "comes" from him, "addressed" to our cats. "Have your people call my people" is the usual message. I think that's just cute.
That is really cute!
There are no cats only vets in my area, and I actually called my vet the other day to see if they did pediatric alters, i consider(ed)? this vet to be very cutting edge and modern, and the receptionist did not even know what a pediatric alter was and then I was told they did not alter before 6 months come on people! get with the program!! but I still will use this vet, there were really great during Simon's illness and they also were very good with Vino
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OK - I'm stumped! What's a pediatric alter!
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That sounds great -- you're so lucky!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
OK - I'm stumped! What's a pediatric alter!
early spay/neuter, when they do it at a minimum of 8 weeks or 2 pounds of weight (alter is easier to say to me that "spay and neuter" and it doesn't make laugh like speuter does )
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mmm cat only vet. I bet they know a lot more about cats then most vets that take care of all kinds of animals. It's a good idea.
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I'm glad you've found a vet you are happy with, and have found one close by! I would love to have one near to my house! I have to admit, my cats just hate any ol' vet; dog smells bother them less than other cat smells!
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Wow I didn't realize how many cats only clinics there were! And that some many TCSers used them! How wonderful!!
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I used to go to a cat clinic but unfortunately found the vets behind the times and not able to help with some basic treatment. I since switched to a large hospital, though the vet I see is a MC breeder so specializes in cats. I trust her so much and she has helped us so much! She also owns the hospital and gives out her cell phone for emergencies when she is not in (happened recently that I called the hospital and they told me to call her cell so I could get direct advice). I liked the atmosphere better at the cat clinic but when you find a good vet they are sooo worth sticking to. I hope they are the right fit for you! I went through a number of vets before I found the right one (over 4 years too).
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I like the cat only vet we have in town here and they are written up in magazines a lot.

The thing I dont like: they are VERY pricey. A spay is $220 alone, for comparison.
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I love my cat only vet for all the reasons everyone else has mentioned. He's a 30 minute drive, but I figure if they have to go in the car anyway what's 10 more minutes.
I do stay in the files of a closer small animal vet in case something really emergency like happens. But my cat vet will always make any hard decisions with me as I feel he is more current with up to date thinking. And he doesn't require a bunch of shots for my indoor only kitties- in fact he's never even brought it up.

I particularly like that the techs are cat sepcific and really know how to handle them properly- my guys walk right out of their crates to say hello. That is priceless to me.
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I used to go to a cat-only practice but I gave up keeping a car in the city and it just got too far away...and cabbies and bus drivers don't especially appreciate having a howling cat who projectile vomits when in a carrier on their bus/in their car. I was really lucky, though, to find a new practice that does pediatric s/n, does not declaw and does housecalls literally a block away from my apartment.

The cat-only practice was really nice, though. I appreciated how nice the place was.
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We have an all kitty hospital in Memphis too called - The Cat Hospital of Memphis. It's nice
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