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Sweet Michoud

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I thought this was so sweet!

I'm so happy how good Michoud is getting along with the new kittens. This is my kitty Michoud (he's a little over a year) and one of my new kittens, Bailey (8 weeks). I don't have any problem leaving Michoud alone with the kittens anymore. He is so good with them now. He acts like a mommy cat!
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Awww what a good boy he is!
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how cuuuuuuuute is that!!!!????? oh I'm beside myself with the adorableness of it!!! where is the warning??!!
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Oh that's just too precious!!
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Oh Lord, I think my heart just melted!!!
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Aww how cute
He's such a good boy
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OMG!!! How beautiful!!

What a handsome man he is,and such a loving boy!
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That is sooo sweet! Michoud is certainly a handsome guy. Sweet and good looking! Too bad there are not a lot of men like that.
Fred always cared for any kittens that came along. He would just take them, and look at me like "I don't need your help with this."
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