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Tuesday's DT

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Well - how is everybody today? I am hyper today . I have had my computer shut down and refuse to let me back in!. I am so ready to go home, because it is a very slow day today at work. Normally they keep us pretty busy but it is lagging today. I am really wanting a cookie, but I had a salad instead for lunch!

What is everyone else up to?
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SSDD: working swing shift, being lazy, this morning. At least, its Friday for me. I'm off, for the next two days.

Cloudy and humid but, no rain, as yet. Maybe, this evening. The cooler temps are a relief, though.
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Well It's like a funeral parlor here at the office. Yesterday we had a "spontaneous" 15 minute staff meeting where we were told that the company is suffering financially because of the economy. Due to this, they said that the executives had taken 15-20% pay cuts, some people would be laid off and others would have their hours reduced.

So, at the end of the day yesterday, 2 people were terminated and 4 were put on reduced hours. The people who were laid off got absolutely nothing. All the people who had their hours cut are women; 2 of which are pregnant and the third had a miscarriage a couple of months ago and has just started trying again, and the other just had a baby. Sounds a little fishy for it to be them, if you know what I mean.

Needless to say, it's very quite and somber around here. I have been asured that my position is vital and will not have any cuts but I can't help but wonder what's going to happen.

Then when I got home we got a notice in the mail from our landlord's mortgage company. Evidently he hasn't been paying his mortgage and according to the original amount of the loan and the amount currently due, he's only paid $640.00 which is ridiculous since we pay him $850.00 in rent each month! If he doesn't make payment arrangement by August 12th then they will proceed to seize the property.

So, hubby and I are now trying to find a place to live and we have no clue how we are going to come up with the money. Since you have to have 2 months rent up front and considering our landlord's financial circumstances, I don't think he is going to give us back our deposit.

Basically, I have a lot on my mind today
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OMG - I can't believe I found a hypnotism smiley! It is perfect for my hypnotherapy tonight!
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Sabra - I am sorry you are having a crappy day! Hopefully you will find somewhere really nice to live. Did you trying speaking to your landlord?
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I'm at home today, writing our grant...

I had to take Ivo to the vet's this morning, because her eye was bothering her all weekend. The vet (and I) think something bit her on her lower eyelid, but being a paranoid kitty mommy, I had to take her in. I also got Derm Caps for her coat-does anyone have any experience with this?

So now, I'm on the computer and she's hiding in the closet. I'm also washing the towel I keep in her carrier because she let me know just how unhappy she was going to the vets

I hope everyone has a good day!
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Thanks Ady

We always take the notices over to him but he plays dumb

We keep asking him about signing a new lease contract but he keeps saying he needs to check on something.

I think he is trying to hide or something. He will not forward his mail to his own address and we keep getting these "Failure to Pay" notices from the Homeowners Association, Conn's Appliances and now the mortgage company.

Finding a new place wouldn't be so hard if we knew we would get our deposit back from this guy. The lease contract says that we do get the deposit back upon moving but with his financial situation I doubt we will. We could always take him to small claims court but the never really ensure you will get your money back.
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Sabra, I'm sorry about you having a crappy landlord. I'm right there with ya in trying to find a new place with nothing for a deposit. I started calling places today, trying to plan ahead since we have to move at the end of August. They basically told me that they don't have anything that far in advance, call back sooner to the move date. Um, I have to give MY 30 day notice too, people! We are looking for a townhome, but I'm kinda scared to end up in the same situation you are in. At least with apartments you know there is a management company, renting from a private indivual you have no idea if they will actually take care of everything.

I agree with Cindy - SSDD. Yesterday I was slammed with work, today nothing. At least I can get caught up here!
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Heidi, we'll have to keep each other posted about our housing ventures. I wish you the best of luck with yours. I completely know what you mean about the time frame. It seems they only want people who plan on moving in about 2 weeks.
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I made a sign today for our knife shop. It turned out really neat, I loved learning how to use the router. I will paint it up tomorrow and we will mount it on the roof this weekend. It has our logo on it and looks almost professional! LOL

Moved the kittens into the Master Bedroom today. It is so much cooler in there and they immediately decided the bed was the best place to be. At first MacKenzie was content to lay under the bed, but now she is on top with her kits. One of our computers is in the bedroom and Mike had been working on it last night so he had the cover off. When I went in to check on the family I couldn't find MacBethie. I finally found her laying inside the computer! It was too funny. New virus I guess? Would of been a cute picture but I was out of film.
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